7 TV Products to Stay Away from ...

TV products are funny. Infomercials are too. Do you know how many times I see either an Infomercial or an As-Seen-on-TV product, fall in love, and think that I need it more than anything ever in the world? In spite of my first instincts, however, I'm learning how to tell the crap from the cool stuff – and it turns out there's not a lot of cool stuff! Thank goodness I've done my research, so I know which 7 TV products to stay away from … no matter how much I want them.

1. Emery Cat

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Price: $16.32 at amazon.com
In theory, this seems like a really good idea, right? Like, the Better Half has two cats that I have to thus claim as well, and they aren't declawed. I would never, ever do that to a cat, because it has to be so painful – besides, then the poor darlings wouldn't be able to have any fun clawing at my furniture. So, perfect solution! Blunt their claws with an emery board just for them! Not so much. Half the reviews I've seen mention that the cat goes to step on this thing, and it flies up in the manner of a rake in a cartoon, nearly smacking kitty between the eyes. Our cats are vindictive enough without incurring their wrath over something like that.

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