8 Silliest Celebrity Death Hoaxes ...


8 Silliest Celebrity Death Hoaxes ...
8 Silliest Celebrity Death Hoaxes ...

Celebrity life is like a magnet to all us common people. Oh, to be in the lights and have all that money, right? But for some, they figure if they can't have that fame and money, they might as well make the famous squirm a little! Can you imagine waking up to reports of your death spreading like wild fire across the world? Here are a few celebrity death hoaxes that has happened in the past couple years - some already this year!

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Lindsey Lohan

It was rumored through Twitter and confirmed by a fake Kim Kardashian that Lindsey Lohan died of a drug overdose. Now, we all know that Lindsey has had her issues with drugs in the past, but I think it was really low of someone to take advantage of her ill-gotten popularity over her jail time and get Google going crazy over a Lindsey Lohan death!


Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby has been attacked not once but four times with a death hoax! His friends and family got real emotional over the last incident, (also originating on Twitter) and Bill Cosby appeared on Larry King Live to talk about his death hoax. "It's just not funny anymore" he was quoted to say - I can't blame him, can you?


Justin Beiber

Justin was supposedly shot in a night club in New York, and overdosed on drugs on another occasion. Now what would a 15 year old be doing in a New York nightclub? LOL! Fox News online was accused of starting this rumor, though they denied it.


Will Smith

Will Smith's death hoax originated from a true news story. Search engines picked up bits and pieces in a story stating that "Steve Smith will play even after his car accident" This line was enough to get the internet hot and heavy searching about Will Smith's death for several weeks.


Paul McCartney

This was by far one of the funniest I found while reseaching silly celebrity hoaxes. The rumor, started by a Drake University student, was that Paul died in 1966 and had been replaced by an imposter. People were playing Beatles songs backwards and forwards, over and over in search of clues to prove this true. However, he is very much alive, as was proved by his appearance Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival. Where do people cook up such things?


Johnny Knoxville

Of all the crazy rumors! Johnny Knoxville's death hoax claimed that he had died while filming for MTV. He supposedly died while jumping out of a bi-plane and eating a giant can of baked beans! Knowing his line of work, it isn't completely unbelievable, however, it is quite humorous!


Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks was said to have fallen to his death in New Zealand, when, in reality, he was filming "Charlie Wilson's War" in California! I think someone should have thought this one out a bit more before starting it!


Avril Lavigne

Avril has the distinct honor of being the first celebrity death hoax of 2011. She supposedly died the other day during a snowboarding accident. Now that was quick, wasn't it?

The death of someone rich and famous is always hard for many of us, as we feel that we know them. However, starting death rumors about them is just crazy! And hurtful to many people. We must remember that though they're famous, they have feelings too!

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I would like to second the motion of wishing number 3 was true ^_^

Willow Smith is like 10. When I was 12, I was talker than he is now lol

An evil part of me wishes #3 was the slightest bit true.

By he I mean Justin bieber.

Come on girls.. it's the Beiber Fever! There's no more entertainment for all of us if it was true :)

i thought justin bieber was 12!

He might actually be 12, but no one listens to 12 year old singers so he might have lied. No 15 year old has a voice that high, i know AN EIGHT YEAR OLD GIRL with a voice lower then that. No offence to bel-eibers or whatever people infected with Bieber-Fever call themselves.

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