8 Awesome Celebrity Comebacks ...


8 Awesome Celebrity Comebacks ...
8 Awesome Celebrity Comebacks ...

Don't you hate it when an actor or actress you really love either disappears off the face of the earth or goes through something personally that seems to kill their career? And don't you love it when they manage that rare and special Hollywood feat: the full fledged comeback! Here are 8 awesome celebrity comebacks, some of which are quite unbelievable!

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Robert Downey, Jr

Photo Credit: addictedtohim.com

This is one of my favorite comeback stories. I have loved Robert Downey since his days as a member of a the Brat Pack. Less than Zero, Chances Are, Chaplin: I still watch his early movies over and over. I went back to watching Ally McBeal when he appeared on the scene and felt heartbroken for him when he once again lost the job to rehab. I didn't have a bit of snark to give over all his falls off the wagon, I just wanted to see him get a handle on his problems because he really is such an amazing actor – and lo and behold! He came back with a vengeance and pretty much immortalized himself as Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes.


Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul Photo Credit: hugewallpaper.com

All right, since she quit American Idol, this one isn't incredibly true, but let me explain. As a child, I played my Forever Your Girl and Spellbound tapes until they warped, but by then CDs had been invented, so I replaced them and played their discs until they scratched and died. I idolized Paula as a kid, and then she just sort of … disappeared. Although her behavior on AI and her short lived reality show was quite … special and wonky, I think she still deserves props for making it back, because seriously, I forgot she existed for a while there.


Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Dempsey Photo Credit: fanpop.com
Ah, McDreamy! He really dropped off the face of the earth after his late 1990s heartthrob status. Reese Witherspoon didn't want him in Sweet Home Alabama, either. But Meredith Grey sure did, and millions of women across the world agreed, so not only does he steal hearts as Dr. McDreamy, he's also back to playing the starring hunk in lots of movies. I think his time out of the spotlight humbled him a little, and personally I think he's a way better actor for it.


Alec Baldwin

Photo Credit: hollywooddesktop.com
I really love Alec Baldwin, but he's had several falls from grace – enough to land him on my list, anyway. Throughout much of the 1990s, he still appeared in movies, but I remember … very few of them. Do you? They just weren't memorable to me. His comedic slant brought him back – most notably, the fact that he still kept hosting SNL during his more boring era. And now, his role on 30 Rock pretty much cements his relevance. People adore him so much, they were willing to forgive that ugly little incident with his daughter.


Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris Photo Credit: fanpop.com
This is another of my favorites! I'm one of those dorks who wishes Doogie Howser, M.D. was still on the air. I did not know where NPH disappeared after that and I missed him terribly; he was like my first TV love. When he had a hilarious cameo in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, I rejoiced and crossed my fingers. When he snagged the role of Barney on How I Met Your Mother, I celebrated. When he guest starred on Glee, I squeed all over myself.


Teri Hatcher

Photo Credit: celebritiesbeauty-wallpaper.blogspot.com
She was Superman's one and only lasting love interest on Lois & Clark. She was in lots of movies – but everyone still knew her as Lois Lane. And then she sort of disappeared. Probably she was still in movies; I honestly don't know. I do know she did those horrendously obnoxious Radio Shack commercials. Not even her status as Bond Girl saved her – until she became a Desperate Housewife. She's also a member of The Band from TV! With Hugh Laurie!


Kiefer Sutherland

Kiefer Sutherland Photo Credit: wallpaperweb.org
Kiefer had lots of great roles in the 1980s. He brought Stephen King's neighborhood villain Ace Merrill to life in Stand by Me, he was a hot vampire in Lost Boys (while R-Patz was still in diapers, I might add), he was one of several heroes in Young Guns. He was engaged to Julia Roberts. Through everything, he still did movies but, again, many of them weren't exactly memorable. Evidently TV was his true calling, because since taking on the role of Jack Bauer in 24, he hasn't really looked back. He's also lost the mullet.


Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke Photo Credit:image.toutlecine.com
You know. I'm ambivalent about this one. I totally respect what Mickey Rourke came back one, but I still consider him a trainwreck. How do you go from the steamy hottie in 9 ½ Weeks and Body Heat to his current face? I know he wanted to box, and that's cool. All I can say is, he must have gotten the crap knocked out of his face in every single fight.

You know what makes me sad? I could neither think of nor find a lot of female comebacks. I think Hollywood is a lot less forgiving of women who fall from grace. I wonder why that is. Do you have any opinions? And who are your favorite comeback kids?

Top Photo Credit: infacinatorinc

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how about drew barrymore? she really pulled herself together now

Britney Spears? no? Maybe I just thought that!

It's good to have Downey Jr. back.

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