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7 Celebrities I do Not Want to Meet ...

By Aprille

I’m always up for meeting famous people, but there are a few that I could do without an introduction to. I know that many actors portray big meanies in movies and are really nice people in real life. I also know that some singers write songs about things that I might find undesirable, but this doesn’t make them bad people. However, after seeing interviews and reading up on different famous people, here is a list of 7 celebrities I do not want to meet.

7 Steven Seagal

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I haven't heard anything good about this particular actor. When my husband worked on a movie set where Seagal was, everyone in the crew was told to refer to Seagal as 'Number One'. This tells me right away that he seems to think very highly of himself. Most people who lack the ability to be even the least bit humble tend to viewed as being somewhat rude.

6 Lindsay Lohan

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I know this poor girl has had nothing but negative attention lately, but even before she landed herself in the police spotlight I didn't have a strong desire to meet her. She never really came across as having the type of personality that I was drawn towards. Maybe she'll get herself straightened out some day and show the world what an upstanding individual she can be.


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5 Joan Rivers

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I don't know if it's the accent or the blunt comments, but I find this woman to be almost offensive. I'm sure there are individuals who find Joan Rivers' personality to be funny and captivating. I definitely don't feel this way. I think she's irritating and can barely stand to watch anything that she has a part in. I used to love The Apprentice. I quit watching when she and her daughter were on it and have yet to see any episodes after the ones they were one.

4 Christian Bale

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When he was a child actor, I thought not only that he did an excellent job, but I bet he was an alright kid. I never realized who he was until I saw him in movies when he was older. He's gotten public comments from newspapers on his crappy attitude on movie sets and how he has a ferocious temper. Maybe these were off-days for him. Who knows?

3 Rosie O’Donnell

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Rosie O'Donnell's loudness is what gets to me. There are numerous accounts of her rudeness too, which doesn't really help the matter. Rude and loud are two attributes that I find to be negative ones for a person to have. I couldn't stand watching her on her own show. I don't even know how she was able to have her own show for as long as she did. I guess she had enough viewers to keep her going!

2 Madonna

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Madonna has gotten a bad rap from numerous sources. She's been rude to too many people and word has made its way around. I read a report someone did on the top 4 rudest celebrities of all-time and Madonna made number one. Granted, this was just a personal piece someone wrote. There wasn't a nation-wide survey to go along with the list or anything like that.

1 Tom Cruise

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Supposedly this guy has it all; a massive temper, a huge ego, and no sense of humor. I saw a guy play a practical joke on Cruise once and he videotaped the whole thing. It was a simple joke involving some water. I can't recall what the joke entailed, but I remember Cruise becoming severely irate. I'm sure most people see pictures of him smiling his winning smile for the camera and jumping on Oprah's couch and think he has to be an okay guy. I can't quite put my finger on what it is exactly, but there's something about Cruise that I just don't like.

Out of this list of 7 celebrities I do not want to meet, are there any you wouldn't mind meeting? Who would be number one on your list of celebrities you don't wish to meet?

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