7 Celebrities I Wish Would Just Go Away ...


7 Celebrities I Wish Would Just Go Away ...
7 Celebrities I Wish Would Just Go Away ...

There are a lot of celebs I adore, and I’m always curious to see what they’re wearing and I love hearing what new projects they’re working on. There are a few Hollywood notables, though, that I’ll never like, and I can’t understand why anyone cares what they think, say, or do. I know they’re popular, and it must be for a reason, but I’m just so sick of hearing about them, and most of the time, I wish they would just disappear! Here’s my list of the 7 celebrities I wish would just go away.

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Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin Who decided this mean-spirited, ridiculously trashy woman could have her own show? I love her adorable children, but even after the first time I watched the show, I felt so bad for them… they’re going to need so much therapy! Whenever I can’t stand seeing more about Kate, I just Google images of her when she was brunette, fat, and non-famous! Then I feel better.


Spencer and Heidi

Spencer and Heidi If I see poor Heidi on the cover of another tabloid with headlines about her extreme plastic surgery, I’m going to scream. I feel bad for her, because she obviously has a self-esteem issue, but I couldn’t care less about her surgeries, or her wimpy, self-centered husband. Spencer. He’s such a wuss! Maybe now that they’ve split they’ll go away for a while.


Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton Since when did being ultra-wealthy qualify you as a celebrity? I have to admit that though I don’t like her attitude or demeanor, acting ability or singing voice, I do admire Paris Hilton’s veracity and sometimes, her style. But most of the time, I wish she’d just go away. Like, to jail, where maybe she could finish her term, along with the girl next on my list.


Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan She was super-cute and even talented when she was little, but what happened? I still think she’s gorgeous, but Lindsay Lohan needs to disappear for a while and get her pathetic life straight before she does another movie.


John Mayer

John Mayer He can’t sing. Maybe he can play guitar or write songs, but he can’t sing, and from everything I’ve seen and heard of him, he’s a total prick with little else to recommend him. And he was a jerk to Jennifer Aniston, whom I happen to like.


Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey If there was ever a celebrity that just needed to go away, it has to be Oprah Winfrey. I can’t stand her sanctimonious, self-righteous attitude, and since when does she know everything? What bothers me most is that she puts a big photo of herself on her magazine cover each month! How obnoxiously narcissistic! Sure, she’s powerful, but I just wish she’d go away, or that someone could give her a much-needed reality check!


Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul Back in the 1980’s, I loved Paula Abdul. She was such a talented dancer, singer, and choreographer, but now she’s just a washed-up train wreck. I think she’s only popular now because people love to see how bizarre and strung out she is. Please, Paula, scrape together some dignity and go away for a while!

It may just be my own opinion, but I can’t help it — I just wish these celebrities would just go away! Which of these celebs on my list do you agree with? Which do you like, and why? Please let me know! I promise I won’t be offended if you disagree with me. Did I forget Justin Beiber?

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You know what? That's enough. Everyone has a right to be their own person. It is merely YOUR opinion, and that shouldn't change anything. They are famous, so deal with it! Sure, I too wish that these celebrities would take a be phreak once in a while. but, have you even considered them?

AGREE 100% plus octo mom

I agree with the whole list. I like a couple John Mayer songs, but yeah, the douche-factor comes into play WAY too much for me. I'm glad, too, that I'm not the only person who thinks Oprah is a sanctimonious, narcissistic, self-righteous woman who tries to indoctrinate others with her beliefs. I also dislike a lot of the Disney stars, the Jonas brothers aren't too bad, but I'm sick of them being in my face all the time I'm not thrilled with Mariah Carey. I understand that she's talented and some crap, but why do you have to show off your eight octave range in a thirty-second time span? I used to say Britney Spears, but I don't think so anymore. I'm just more saddened by her life more than anything else. Angelina Jolie, I will never understand the attraction. I appreciate her humanitarian work, but her past (Tearing up other people's relationships, the fact that she has openly flaunted the tearing up of said relationships, the vampire thing-which I have a total blood phobia, so I don't get it) and the fact that she reminds me of Mick Jagger in the face are both way too much for me to handle. Russell Brand and Katy Perry.

I don't like a lot of those celebrities either but that was just hateful. I totally agree with what you said about Oprah though.

I highly disagree with the John Mayer one, I love that man and he can sing his ass off.

What about Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber?

Oprah has been through more In her first 10 years of life than u will ever be able to handle, so I think she has the rift to act as righteous as she wants

all the Thilight actors. especially Kristen with her "oh, look I'm so different than other stars in my converse, Im so alternative. my eyes look stupid looks like Im high all the time" she is the one who should go away. and I agree with you about the list + the young disney 'stars'. fail

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