7 Celebrities Who Are Rocking Their Single Status ...


7 Celebrities Who Are Rocking Their Single Status ...
7 Celebrities Who Are Rocking Their Single Status ...

I just can’t escape the feeling that some people are willing to settle for less just to avoid being single. Why? Is being single something like having cooties? I certainly don’t think so! And neither do some of the most gorgeous people in Hollywood! Single status is slowly gaining popularity regardless of the age and occupation. Why? Because you shouldn’t waste your time being with the wrong one when you can have a lot of fun until the right one comes along. And these celebrities certainly use that strategy! Here are 7 celebs who are rocking their single status...

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Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock Photo Credit: FanPop.com

After leaving her cheating husband, Jesse James, Sandra is focusing on her career so we’ll get the chance to see this gorgeous, sweet and talented actress in a lot of up-coming movies. My heart really goes out to Sandra because I can only imagine how she felt when she found out about Jesse’s cheating. But still, she proved how much of a lady she really is. I mean, we get the chance to read about celebrities bashing each other all the time and yet, Sandra chose to not speak bad about her ex even thought she had every reason to. Now that’s something!



Madonna Photo Credit: FanPop.com

I, personally, admire Madonna for her strong character and the ability to do and say whatever she wants, whenever she wants it! Now, we all know that Material Girl was married for quite a while but her message is very clear now – being single rocks even after you turn 50. Shocking? Nope! That’s just Madonna being Madonna and we love her for that!


Halle Berry

Halle Berry Photo Credit: brava_67

Yup, gorgeous Cat Woman is single! And she still looks great, has a successful career and a cute kid. So, let’s face it, being single is not a terrible disease, it’s a matter of choice. And, if beautiful Halle Berry is happy being on her own, I don’t see why anybody else should have a problem with that. I can’t think of a guy that isn’t crazy about her, but, guys, all you can do is drool because this girl is S.I.N.G.L.E and loving it.


Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston Photo Credit: celebrities09pics.blogspot.com

Tabloids say she is still in Brad Pitt’s heart, Gerard Butler tried to get his hands on her and she is still proud to say “I’m single!” Good job girl! Jen certainly deserves a great man but, until dating gets back on her list of priorities, I’m happy to see her on the movie screen. You know why? Because she is not one of those celebrities that gained popularity for being somebody’s girlfriend. The only person she has to thank for her success is herself!


Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler Photo Credit: FanPop.com

Hollywood’s Casanova, Gerard Butler, is definitely the guy you have to list when the word “single” is being mentioned. The man loves his single status although he is hoping to find a girl that’s nice, sweet and kind. Aww, that's just so cute!


George Clooney

George Clooney Photo Credit: nicogenin

Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor has been on the dating market for so long, I think we all have better chances of hearing about the Statue of Liberty getting married than him! My grandma fancied George, my mom also and, honestly, I think he’s pretty hot too. Nobody (but him) knows how many women has he dated and still, not even one managed to get him to tie the knot. The man is just happy being single!


Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake Photo Credit: Joe Shlabotnik

I have no idea what happened to Justin and Jessica Biel but I’m really happy to know this hottie is single again! Hey, a girl can dream, can't she? One would think that dating so many famous and beautiful women just has to get a person off the single's list but Justin doesn’t agree.

So, are you single and loving it like these celebs? And, in your opinion, which two celebrities would make a perfect couple?

Top Photo Credit: Sister72

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well, depends on what you mean by single, halle berry, george cloony, and justin timberlake aren't single and i'm sure more of these celebrities aren't either. they just aren't married.

Lady Gaga's single. And she's loving it too! Get her on the list! :D

I just was hoping you'd find your way over to me.

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