7 Celebrities That Are Sexy in Their Fifties ...


7 Celebrities That Are Sexy in Their Fifties ...
7 Celebrities That Are Sexy in Their Fifties ...

Almost everybody despairs of turning old. After all – there is very little that is appealing about rickety bones, arthritis, wrinkles on the skin, crow’s feet, diminished energy, and to top it all, an unappealing body. But see, that’s precisely the kind of cliché I take objection to. There’s more than one way to look at things and I am giving you seven here to perk up your vision for the future – particularly your future. Here are seven celebrities that are sexy in their fifties, sixties, and beyond. Take inspiration from them and learn how not to fall prey to stereotypes in your life.

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Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren Image source: sickhop.com

I am gonna start off with my personal favorite – Helen Mirren. She’s beautiful, smart, sexy, funny, one hell of an actress and how old is she? Mid-sixties! What a lady to draw inspiration from. She mothers Nicolas Cage in “National Treasure”, kicks ass in “RED”, and makes love to Eric Stoltz in “The Passion of Ayn Rand”. When I grow up, I wanna be just like Helen Mirren.


Diane Keaton

Diane Keaton Image source: dianekeaton.info

Another one of my personal favorites, Diane Keaton is yet another gal in her sixties that shows you how to live life “queen-size”. If you aren’t already won over by her dazzling smile, you have to see some of the movies this sixty-something lady has delivered in the past few years – “First Wives’ Club”, “Something’s Gotta Give”, “Father Of the Bride”, “Mad Money”, “Hanging Up”, and the “Family Stone”. Can you fault her performance in even one of them? Or, for that matter question her indefatigable energy?


Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone Image source: revealyourbeauty.com

From the time she uncrossed her leg in “Basic Instinct” to her role as Ginger in “Casino”, Sharon Stone has been a force of nature to be reckoned with. Of course she has to be on our list of celebrities that are sexy in their fifties. From her image as an out and out sex symbol to an actress worth taking heed of, Stone’s roller coaster ride in the world of glitz and glamour has been fast paced and racy. At 53 she’s sexier that women half her age. Beat that, if you can!


Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon Image source: i.timeinc.net

Her love story with fame and fortune started with the cult musical “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”. This lovely woman with a gorgeous mop of hair framing her face has received popular acclaim for movies like “Dead Man Walking”, “The Client”, “Thelma & Louise”, and “Stepmom”. Going strong in her sixties, she is popular for her political and social activism in support of various liberal causes.


Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer Image source: ajitkumar.org

The most recent movie I saw of Pfeiffer is the romantic fantasy “Stardust” and boy o boy, did she look ravishing or what! I mean, honestly, who can look at her and say she’s over fifty? What makes her even more appealing is her impressive lineup of movies – “Scarface”, “Dangerous Liaisons”, “Frankie and Johnny”, “Dangerous Minds”, “One Fine Day”, “I am Sam”, and “White Oleander”. Beauty as well as talent – always an impressive combination I say. That’s why there’s no keeping her off the list of celebrities that are sexy in their fifties!



Madonna Image source: artec.org.uk

One look at Madonna and you can see that she has worked hard to maintain her form and physique. Even in her fifties, she has a tighter muscles and a more taut frame than loads of younger wannabes I know - all that thanks to her religious pursuance of Pilates, yoga, and cardio, not to mention macrobiotic eating. I call that pretty impressive. Ladies, take a hint will you!


Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep Image source: justsharethis.net

Do you even need to know why Meryl Streep is on this list? I mean I could try explaining but “It’s Complicated” on so many levels. Maybe you could ask “Julie & Julia” why the “Devil wears Prada”. And, if you can figure that out, we’ll make an honorary place for you on this list right here! Meryl Streep needs no introduction. At 61, Meryl Streep has got more Academy Award and Golden Globe Award nominations than any other actress in the history of either award. And she shows no sign of letting up even now. Go for it girl! We are all with you.

These celebrities that are sexy in their fifties have good reason to be happy. And, I have also realized that age is simply what you make of it. If you want to become a stereotypical grandmother with her oohs and aahs, and aches, you probably will. However, if you decide to break tradition and do something different, I also know that there’s nothing on this planet that can stop you. So, what’s it going to be ladies?

Top image source: legacyentries.weheartit.netdna-cdn.com

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Meryl Streep...kudos!

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