10 Worst Celebrity Wax Figures ...


10 Worst Celebrity Wax Figures ...
10 Worst Celebrity Wax Figures ...

Worst Celebrity Wax Figures...believe it or not some actually are awful enough to be called that. When you are a celebrity, I imagine it must be a big deal to get your very own wax figure just like handprints at Mann's Chinese Theater or a star on the Walk of Fame. But what happens when your wax replica looks nothing like you? What happens when your wax figure is a work of art but for the wrong reasons? Well, it gets included in this list of Worst Celebrity Wax Figures is what happens. You can run but you can't hide from these worst celebrity wax figures unleashed on mankind.

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Fergie The recent unveiling of Fergie's wax figure in Las Vegas is actually the inspiration behind this post. One look at it and I bet you'll agree that it looks like...someone else. Although, considering Fergie doesn't look like herself anymore, I don't think we can blame Madame Tussauds for this one. Her husband of course maintains that it's not a new face, it's just new lipstick. Right!


Jennifer Lopez


In what universe does that look like Jennifer Lopez?! That's the narrowest, weirdest face I have ever seen (human or otherwise) and I see no similarity with the real Lopez whatsoever. Did the artist step back at least once to see his work? I'm sorry but I expect so much more from Madame Tussauds.


Seinfeld Cast

Seinfeld Cast I don't know why George was left out of this hideous creation but I bet he's jumping with joy somewhere. This is beyond terrible and is certainly one of the worst celebrity wax figures of all time!


Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Taylor Swift Another masterpiece *cough* at Madame Tussauds NYC, this "replica" really looks like a life size Barbie version of Taylor Swift. Taylor did do a good job of hiding the disappointment though (assuming she was). I probably would have flung that guitar at someone's head.


Prince William


Oh you poor prince! This is not just one of the worst celebrity wax figures of all time but quite possibly, one of the meanest too. I only have one question for the artist who created this (Jennifer Rubell), what is with those god-awful chipmunk teeth? This is just super creepy and the only place this belongs in is a horror movie. House of Wax, anyone?


Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba Jessica Alba Jessica Alba is such a pretty girl and if they were to ever make a blowup doll version of her, THIS is what it would look like. Without the Fantastic Four suit, we wouldn't have had the slightest clue who this was supposed to be.


Mystery Celebrity

Mystery Celebrity A billion dollars for whoever can figure out who this worst celebrity wax figure actually is. Go ahead give it a shot, I'll wait. Give up? This is supposed to be *drum roll* Julia Roberts at the Oscars!!! It was sculpted by Logan Fleming, is about 5 ft. 6 in. tall and costs $2,000 - $3,000. Um, no thank you!


Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom Wait say that again. Orlando Bloom? Have they ever seen Orlando? Did they even have a picture to work from? If anything, this looks like a wax lovechild of Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom.


The Celebrity Nativity Scene - Wax Edition

The Celebrity Nativity Scene - Wax Edition The Celebrity Nativity Scene - Wax Edition This is only here because of its "it leaves you speechless" factor. They are not bad replicas at all but a celebrity nativity scene with the Beckhams as Joseph and Mary, Kylie as an angel, Tony Blair, The Duke of Edinburgh and US President George Bush as the Three Wise Men (LOL!) and Samuel L Jackson, Hugh Grant and comedian Graham Norton as the shepherds is just wrong on so many levels.


Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey And now one from my personal collection. Dear Oprah, I love you and I hate that they shrunk your head and gave you a dislocated shoulder. If you are ever in Grand Prairie, Texas, you can see this at the Louis Tussaud's Palace of Wax at the Ripley's museum there. Say hello for me.

And that brings us to an end of this edition of Worst Celebrity Wax Figures. Weren't some of them absolutely bizarre? What I found most surprising is how many of these Worst Celebrity Wax Figures were from Madame Tussauds. I guess even the best don't get it right all the time. Have you come across a horrible celebrity wax figure, one that is bad enough to be included in our list of Worst Celebrity Wax Figures. Do share.

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George was also created for the Seinfeld cast, he just isn't in the photo that you selected.

Zac Efron at Madame Tussauds London. Absolutely horrifying in pictures, even worse live.

Poor Prince William! But have you seen the Justin Bieber wax figure? That's a horrible one...

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