10 Worst Celebrity Wax Figures ...

Worst Celebrity Wax Figures...believe it or not some actually are awful enough to be called that. When you are a celebrity, I imagine it must be a big deal to get your very own wax figure just like handprints at Mann's Chinese Theater or a star on the Walk of Fame. But what happens when your wax replica looks nothing like you? What happens when your wax figure is a work of art but for the wrong reasons? Well, it gets included in this list of Worst Celebrity Wax Figures is what happens. You can run but you can't hide from these worst celebrity wax figures unleashed on mankind.

1. Fergie

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The recent unveiling of Fergie's wax figure in Las Vegas is actually the inspiration behind this post. One look at it and I bet you'll agree that it looks like...someone else. Although, considering Fergie doesn't look like herself anymore, I don't think we can blame Madame Tussauds for this one. Her husband of course maintains that it's not a new face, it's just new lipstick. Right!

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