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7 Celebrity Scoop for Your Entertainment...

By Sheila

I'm back with my little list of celebrity happenings from the week! From the EMA's to some Lady Gaga gossip to something for Bieber fans, there's something for everyone in this list. Read and enjoy!

Table of contents:

  1. christina aguilera moves on
  2. backstreet's back?
  3. lady gaga makes wax history
  4. and the best dressed is...
  5. smell like justin bieber?
  6. eva longoria and the ema's
  7. 25 hottest celebrity moms

1 Christina Aguilera Moves on

Christina may have just broken up with Jordan Bratman but looks like that's not stopping her from moving on. Rebound or serious new relationship? I guess only time will tell. I know you're dying to know who the mystery new man is. Well, what are you waiting for? Click away!

2 Backstreet's Back?

If you were a teen in the 90's, chances are you probably had your phase with the Backstreet Boys and if you thought they had disappeared into the ether, you could not have been more wrong. The boys *ahem* are planning a summer tour in 2011 along with another big boy band of the 90's. Whatever happened to gracious retirement? It's almost like they want us to laugh at them.

3 Lady Gaga Makes Wax History

Lady Gaga is all set to be immortalized in wax with not one or two or three but eight wax figures, the highest ever! Wow! Love her or hate her, you can't deny that she has somewhat of a spell cast on us.

4 and the Best Dressed is...

Harper's Bazaar is out with their annual list of Best Dressed Women and while the list has a lot of my personal favorites including Victoria Beckham, Alexa Chung and Kate Moss, I was elated about the fact that No. 1 on the list was... you didn't think I was going to give it away that easily did you?

5 Smell like Justin Bieber?

I know that Bieber fans are going to go crazy when they hear this. Come Black Friday and you will have access to Justin Bieber's new fragrance, especially created keeping his lady fans in mind! Gotta hand it to the kid for his business sense!

6 Eva Longoria and the EMA's

I didn't catch the EMA's on tv so I'm not sure how well or not Eva hosted the show. But here are a few of the 13 looks that she sported that night including the ham outfit inspired by who else but...Lady Gaga!

7 25 Hottest Celebrity Moms

Hollywood is full of yummy mummies, isn't it? Who are our top 25? Click and find out!

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