8 Things I'd like to See on Jersey Shore ...

I hate that I love Jersey Shore. I resisted it the first season -- although by now I’ve caught up on all those episodes as well. This show is a trainwreck -- and I think that is its biggest appeal for me. I just can’t help myself. I also can’t help myself from coming up with strange and intriguing scenarios for the show, as you shall see here. I apologize in advance! Here are 8 things I'd like to see on Jersey Shore.

1. Snooki and Vinny Get Married

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I love Snooki. She can be irritating as all get out, but she’s so tiny and cute and loud and awesome -- and she loves Vinny so much. He loves her too, he’s always making comments about marrying her. Just do it! They were uber adorable this past season, and I give mad props to Snooki for seemingly never wanting to rip Ramona’s hair out of her head or something.

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