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Top 10 Nintendo Games ...

By Talynn

As a child, I played Nintendo for hours. Literally hours. So much of my youth was misspent of video games that I don’t even want to estimate the number of hours, but it was worth every second. I still love video games, and since is the first system I ever had, so in honor of my first, here are my top ten games.

10 Punchout

This one is pretty repetitive, but it wasted of lot of me and my friend’s time. There’s just something satisfying about knocking down King Hippo’s pants that never gets old.

9 Castlevania

The mother of all Castlevania’s. You run around a castle, while obtaining magical powers in order to defeat Dracula. This is basically every kid’s dream.


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8 Chip N Dale: Rescue Rangers

This plaform let you place through various levels as everyone’s favorite rodents on your way to defeating Fat Cat in the end. I can still hear the 8-bit music at I type…

7 Duck Tales

Another platformer that I absolutely loved. You play as Uncle Scrooge while you use various powerups for your cane on your quest to save your nephews; Huey, Duey, and Louie. The only thing better than this game is the theme song.

6 Battletoads

This game is so hard that it’s ridiculous, but it’s still tons of fun. You had to be extra careful while wield that oversized fist because on this game you can actually hurt your partner. The second level repelling down the cave is my favorite. I used to love bouncing my partner off the wall to his death. I know, not very nice, but incredibly satisfying.

5 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2

I must have beaten this game a million times as a kid. This is nothing like the original. It’s a complete revamp of that first HORRIBLE turtles game, and an improvement in every way. You side scroll through levels and defeat many, many, many incarnation of the foot clan. This might be the best TMNT game ever.

4 Duck Hunt

So simple, but so great. My dad and I used to spend hours shooting ducks out of the air with that Nintendo gun. I would always hold the gun one inch from the screen and I still seemed to miss ducks sometimes. I especially hated that dog. I would always scream at him after he let out that hiss of a laugh at my missed ducks. I hate that dog.

3 Super Mario 2

The most different of all the Mario games, but still a great one nonetheless. My favorite part about this game was the warp areas they built into it. I always felt like such an expert when I could navigate from the first level to the last in a matter of minutes. Being a 6-year old was great…

2 Contra

This game is way too hard to merit the amount of enjoyment that I got out of it. I just loved running through the first level until I got the spread fire so that I could smoke every guy on the screen with one shot. I couldn’t tell you what the third level looks like because I never made it, but man do I love that game.

1 Super Mario 3

Not just the best Nintendo game ever made, but also one of the best video games ever made. Knowing the locations of all the warp whistles again made me feel like a pro, but it’s the raccoon suit that really makes this game stand out and you know what I mean. That is THE greatest power up of any game ever made. You know you spent an inordinate amount of time playing this game as well. I wish they still made them like this…

We all spent a tremendous amount of time in front of the television as kids, wearing out our favorite Nintendo games, but what are yours?

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