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Best 7 Call of Duty Maps ...

By Talynn

The Call of Duty franchise of video games are undeniable. The multiplayer is the only real reason to play these games. Shooting it out never gets old, and since they release a new game every year with brand new map packs to follow, there will always be fresh levels to smash nubes.

7 Shipment

This one was on Call of Duty 4 and it could get crazy. This is the smallest level on any of the game. So small that once you cram twelve people onto it, and you were lucky enough to get a big killstreak you could call in a chopper and knock that total kill count up into the hundreds.

6 Nuketown

This level is most people’s favorite on the brand new Black Ops game. It’s a small town set up like the one in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull where they test nuclear weapons. The level is small, fast, and unpredictable, which is why everyone loves it so much. It also boasts a sweet double rainbow off in the distance.

5 Ambush

This is one of my favorites from Call of Duty 4. It’s two shantytowns separated by a road laden with destroyed tanks. I love crawling into the sewer connecting the town and camping while I wait for unsuspecting fools to cross the road.

4 Jungle

This is another Black Ops map. It’s really large, making it super easy to knock down some of those long range kills. Most people like to camp the larger maps, but this one is broken up enough to allow you to keep moving so your location is never found out. This is a great level for racking up a killer killstreak.

3 Favela

Here’s my favorite from Modern Warfare 2. It’s a large South American town that allows you to play very fast. There are tons of spots for quick camps and even more places to lay your claymore mines for guaranteed kills. Every time this map pops up I get excited.

2 Kowloon

This one is a brand spanking new edition to Black Ops. It was just released on the First Strike map pack and is hands down the best map on the game. It’s a rooftop level that’s cut up so that you have plenty of options for lookout points to get a jump on your opponent. The coolest part is that there are zip lines spanning the level allowing you to get behind enemy lines and murder the opposing team.

1 Roundhouse

Possibly my favorite of the COD games is World at War. It takes place during WWII and hands down has the best regular game. This map is exactly what it sounds like, a huge round level. It has a large open circular area in the middle for camping too. This level can be played fast or slow. You can camp or run and gun. This really is the every man’s level when it comes to what it can offer.

Where is your favorite place to kill opposing forces?

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