7 Wacky Road Signs ...


7 Wacky Road Signs ...
7 Wacky Road Signs ...

I’ve taken a few pictures of road signs as I’ve traveled around the world. Some have been very memorable, due to the laughter they brought about. A few post cards have been created from these photographs, as well as some excellent calendars to pass out to the family for the holidays. Here are 7 wacky road signs I’ve found on the internet. A few of them I’ve come across in my travels too.

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Warning of a Broken Heel

Women wearing high-heeled shoes in Denmark don’t have to worry about being surprised by a broken stiletto. The cobble stone streets are clearly marked with signs depicting a high-heeled show with the heel being snapped off and the word ‘ZONE’ posted underneath the pictures. These signs are painted a bright school-bus yellow so they are very easy to spot.


Moose Danger

I’ve seen what a deer can do to a vehicle in my area of the country. I can only imagine the type of damage a giant moose would do. Apparently tourists and locals alike are warned of the danger present when a moose and a car meet. The bright yellow signs seen in Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Newfoundland show a crumpled front end of a car with a moose glaring at it.


Road Danger to Cyclists

The city of Portland, Oregon has a plethora of cyclists who tool around the city. Apparently this city is also riddled with crevices created by public transportation, mainly trolleys and trains. There are light yellow signs posted along various routes where transportation lines form major crevices in the roadways. The signs show a road with two gaps and a cyclist doing a front flip off of a bike that has gotten the front tire lodged in one of these two gaps.


Sign for the Dogs…literally

The person who devised this sign must have had a sense of humor. The upper portion of the sign addresses pet owners and reminds them to pick up after their dogs. Right below this, the following words are posted: ‘Attention dogs – Grrrrr, bark, woof. Good dog.’


A Note to the Woman Not Driving

I had to laugh when I first came across this sign on the Internet. I’d love to see it in person! In India, signs are posted with talkative women in mind. I guess it could be directed towards men as well, but not likely. I think the men are predominately the drivers in India. The sign clearly states: ‘Do not gossip. Let him drive.’


‘Hitchhikers May Be Escaping Inmates’

I’m guessing this is just a heads up to people who might be thinking about picking up hitchhikers seen near a prison. You know how most signs and instruction labels aren’t printed until someone goes about something wrongly? I wonder if this sign came about after a driver picked up an inmate who was hitchhiking. Scary thought!


Caution: do Not Drink Water…

This sign is most likely a hoax. I imagine this particular signs can be ordered from an online store, but it still made me laugh! The complete signs said: ‘CAUTION: Do not drink water, fish crap in it’ and there was a picture of a fish in the middle of the sign. Whether it’s just some silly sign that can be purchased by anyone or a legitimate one, I thought it was great!

I hope these 7 wacky road signs made you laugh, even just a little bit. I came across quite a few pictures of signs that were positioned side by side with conflicting statements. There are tons of great road signs all around the world. It would be great to have a picture collection of all the best ones. What silly road signs have you come across during your travels?

Top Photo Credit: Scott DeSelle

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It could be funnier with the pictures.

This post is great but it would be better if you put pictures for each sign

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