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7 Awesome Facts ...

By Melanie

I always like reading amazing facts. Some are better than others. Below, I am going to give you 7 awesome facts that you must know …

7 Under the Age of 21 and Taking out Trash in Missouri

Under the Age of 21 and Taking out Trash in MissouriPhoto Credit: railbalancing

Did you know that the law in Missouri states that anyone who is under the age of 21 and takes out household trash that contains even one empty container of alcoholic drink could be charged with illegal possession? For all of you that live in Missouri, have you heard this one before?

6 Your Body Produces Alcohol

Your Body Produces AlcoholPhoto Credit: Dave DiCello

Did you know that every day, the human body naturally produces its very own supply of alcohol continuously? 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Wow, isn’t that strange?

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5 People Who Drink Coffee

People Who Drink CoffeePhoto Credit: albaflickr

I have read somewhere that people who drink coffee are less likely to commit suicide than people who do not. Why is this? Is it because the chemicals in coffee? Coffee helps maintain stress?

4 No One is Found Innocent in a Crime – Not in English Speaking Countries

No One is Found Innocent in a Crime – Not in English Speaking CountriesPhoto Credit: Darragh Sherwin

Instead, they are found “not guilty.” When someone is found “not guilty,’ this does not mean that they are innocent. It just means that there was not enough evidence presented to find the person guilty. In America, once someone is found not guilty, they cannot be tried again for the same crime. By law, in America’s case, the 5th amendment, you will be protected against double jeopardy.

3 The Shortest War on Record

The Shortest War on RecordPhoto Credit: Batikart

Do you know how long the shortest war on record lasted? It was between England and Zanzibar during the year 1896. It lasted for thirty eight minutes – Zanzibar surrendered.

2 When Does a Fetus Develop Fingerprints?

When Does a Fetus Develop Fingerprints?Photo Credit: Heart Windows Art

A fetus develops fingerprints at the young age of 18 weeks. Isn’t that cute?

1 The Mask from the Original “Halloween”

The Mask from the Original “Halloween”Photo Credit: bobaroundnj

You remember this movie, right? This was actually a Captain Kirk mask that was painted white. Who would have ever guessed this?

Those are 7 amazing facts. I have viewed comments on my other blogs that have facts and have learned that a lot of you like them. So, I will post some facts every chance I get. Do you like these facts?

Top Photo Credit: Tomitheos

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