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7 Must-Know Facts ...

By Melanie

During my spare time, besides making websites, playing with my pets, having fun with my family and playing video games, I also like to read. I like reading everything, including facts, which is why I am full of them. Get ready for 7 must-know facts …

Table of contents:

  1. male rhesus monkeys are gifted
  2. too much spam?
  3. silly putty was discovered how?
  4. do you need to sharpen the blades of your pencil sharpener?
  5. honey does not spoil
  6. i hope you’re not a worm
  7. earth

7 Male Rhesus Monkeys Are Gifted

Photo Credit: N1Jimmy

A bet most guys want to be like the male Rhesus monkey. Then again, I don’t think guys would like to hang from branches with their penises. Yes, that’s right, male rhesus monkeys hang from branches with these things.

6 Too Much Spam?

Photo Credit: Lumatic

If you were to reply over 100 times to the spam you receive, then this could put a stop to it. It will mess up the sender’s system and will interfere with their ability to send you spam. Try it and tell me if this works!

5 Silly Putty Was Discovered HOW?

The way silly putty was made is not publicized for obvious reasons. Do you know how it was first thought of? It was an accident. It was originally made from the residue that was left behind when making condoms.

4 Do You Need to Sharpen the Blades of Your Pencil Sharpener?

Photo Credit: Patrick Ng

Someone told me that you can sharpen the blades of your pencil sharpener with aluminum foil. What you have to do is wrap the pencil up in aluminum foil before you sharpen it.

3 Honey Does Not Spoil

Photo Credit: chrissie2003

Honey is the only food that does not spoil. Do you know the tombs of the Egyptian Pharaohs? Archeologists have found honey in there, tasted it and found that it's still good. Wow!

2 I Hope You’re Not a Worm

Photo Credit: cwhiii

When some worms get hungry and they cannot find any food, do you know what they will do? They will eat themselves. Personally, I have never witnessed this, but … wow.

1 Earth

Photo Credit: bleuet / Anne-Marie

Did you know that our planet Earth is the only planet that has not been named after a God? This is a pretty cool fact.

Yet again, I hope you enjoyed my 7 must-know facts. I have posted a couple of other blogs full of facts on this site and have noticed a lot of you comment on them and enjoy them. As long as you keep commenting and asking for more, I will keep them coming. Do you enjoy these?

Top Photo Credit: SaffyH - Minsmere, Lakenheath, Thetford Forest

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