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Isn't that a lovely name for a plant? And they are pretty, too! If you want to know how to grow them, check out the link for amazing tips.

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Do goat suckers really exist? You tell me because I did not really process the post Melanie wrote. I'm a scaredy-cat! The photo alone creeped me out.


Well, this was an interesting read. Read this before going out to shop. If you see a cute guy in one of the stores, strike up a conversation by mentioning one of these facts. That is, of course, if you are in a talking mood.


Do you want to receive makeup this Christmas? Check out the link to know which makeup sets you can mention within hearing range of your boyfriend. Hopefully, he gets the hint.


This link is chock full of links to wonderful food gift ideas. From pastries to pickled things, you will find these quite easy to make or bake.

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The goat sucker is a myth. There are birds called like that cos they clean the goats hair eating the flees and stuff. It's like the vampires and the bats. One's a myth the other one is an animal.