10 Interesting Facts about Dreams ...


10 Interesting Facts about Dreams ...
10 Interesting Facts about Dreams ...

Scary, nice, wet or trippy – dreams are one of those inexplicable things no science or research can demystify. Do they mean something? Why do you keep having them? And, if a dream is indeed a way to get in touch with your inner self, why does it fade away so fast? We could spend days discussing our dreams, so what are we waiting for? Here are 10 interesting facts about our dreams...

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Dreams Keep You Sane

You are having the same crazy dream over and over again – you must be losing your marbles… Well, scientists wouldn’t agree with you on that. In fact, dreaming is what keeps you sane! According to them, dreams stabilize your psyche and prevent psychosomatic illnesses. So next time you have nightmare, relax – that’s just your brain’s way to let out some steam.


Fetuses and Blind People Dream Too

The lack of the visual component doesn’t necessarily mean no dreams. In fact, blind people and fetuses do have quite vivid dreams that involve sounds, smell and even touch. Now, if you ask me– that beats the hell out of my regular dreams!


You Can’t Dream of a Person or a Place You Don’t Know

Yup, the people in your dreams are not just completely real but familiar too! Your brain can mix and blend faces, places, events and behaviors but the base of all that is your real life, people you already know and places you have seen or been to before. Now this can be good and a bad thing, depending on how you look at it. The bad news is that the gypsy lady and her magical herbs won’t help you dream about that perfect man you are destined to meet (and marry) later in life. However, if you already had a dream about him, he might be closer than you think because you absolutely know him!


Every Time You Sleep, You Dream

I’m taking a risk of repeating myself just to point out the first thing on this list – Dreaming keeps you normal! So every mentally stable person is dreaming and, furthermore, has from 4 to 7 dreams per night. The fact that you don’t remember it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen (it’s kinda like doing crazy stuff when you are drunk… but let’s not go off topic now) Statistics says that people forget 90% of their dreams so if you don’t trust me, trust this exact science.


Over-the-counter Medicines Can Enhance Your Dreams

Some people claim that using over-the-counter aids like nicotine patches, gave their dreams quite a boost. Now, when it comes to various supplements, patches, sleeping aids and stuff, I have to say I’m not much of a fan but I’m seriously considering giving this a go. For purely scientific reasons, off course!


Technical Evolution Does Affect Dreams

Shocking but true – generations who watched black and white TV have black and white or only slightly colored dreams. As opposed to that, new generations of kids are more likely to dream in full color. Does this mean my grand and great grand kids will have High Definition, Super Surround, Bed-Cinema dreams with a “store” and “replay” option? I sincerely hope not!


Men Usually Dream about Other Men

We would give our brand new pair of shoes just to be able to see their dreams and confirm that they are dreaming about us and not that tall, blonde, big-busted girl next-door. Right? No need for that, thank God, because he is probably dreaming about his boss, plumber or even the blonde’s husband! Various researches have proved that men usually dream other men while women’s dreams involve both men and women in equal proportion. In plain English – only one person in your bed will be dreaming about the hottest model of the day. You!


Ex-smokers Have More Vivid Dreams

Been there, done that and, honestly, the pain of quitting is nothing compared to the dreams you experience in that period. It was really cool, thought, like sleeping and watching a movie in the same time. So there you go – one more reason to say no to ciggies.


Male Dreams Are More Active, Aggressive and Negative

Give or take a nightmare or two, we girls generally have more positive dreams than guys. Our dreams are peaceful, set indoors and include friends, family and other people we know, while our poor guys have very active dreams that often include strangers and a whole palette of bad feelings.


It’s Hard to Dream when You Are Drunk

Except having the power to make guys appear hotter than they really are, alcohol can actually make your brain so slow that you can’t even dream. REM sleep, the phase in which you experience your most vivid dreams, get’s skipped when you are under the influence of alcohol. You instantly go into deep sleep phase in which dreams are nothing but colors, different emotions or fragmented images.

So, did you have any interesting dreams lately? And are you one of the lucky ones that remember their dreams? What do you think they mean? Or do you have any other facts about dreams to share?

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Wow. Thats so intresting. I have always wondered if blind people had dreams

Really neat article, I didn't know a lot of this stuff. Dreams are so cool. Plus the orange cat reminds me of my Tigger ^_^

Cool. Lots of things I didn't know :)

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