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8 Interesting Facts That Will Make You Go Wow ...

By Melanie

There are so many interesting facts out there. Many people do not know some facts and when they hear them, they say "wow." Below, I am going to give you 8 interesting facts that will make you go "wow!"

Table of contents:

  1. ever dropped a raisin in a glass of champagne?
  2. get a mate for your female ferret
  3. what will liquor on a scorpion do?
  4. when i think of a butterfly, i think of flutterby
  5. when can't a kangaroo jump?
  6. snail teeth?
  7. save water, give up one pound of beef --- why?
  8. when being chased by a crocodile, what should you do?

8 Ever Dropped a Raisin in a Glass of Champagne?

Photo Credit: Tomitheos

When you drop a raisin in the glass of champagne, do you know what it will do? It is going to bounce up and down from the bottom of the top, continuously.

7 Get a Mate for Your Female Ferret

Photo Credit: the internerd

If the female ferret goes into heat and she cannot find a mate, she will die. Many ferret owners know this, while some do not. So, before you get a female ferret, make sure you have a mate for her.

6 What Will Liquor on a Scorpion do?

Photo Credit: Furryscaly

Have you ever poured liquor on a scorpion? The tiniest drop on the scorpion will make them go insane and they will sting themselves to death. Wow!

5 When I Think of a Butterfly, I Think of Flutterby

Photo Credit: Canicuss

Why do I think of a Flutterby? If you do much reading or look into history, you will learn that the first name to be given to a butterfly was actually a flutterby. How strange is that?

4 When Can't a Kangaroo Jump?

Photo Credit: Chi Liu

If the kangaroo's tail is not touching the ground, then they will not be able to jump. Now that I think about it, a kangaroo's tail is touching the ground before it jumps. Neat.

3 Snail Teeth?

It is possible for a snail to have 25,000 teeth. Such innocent creatures and their mouth is full of teeth?

2 Save Water, Give up One Pound of Beef --- Why?

Photo Credit: cobalt123

Do you realize how much water it takes to produce one pound of beef? It takes about 2,500 gallons/pound of beef. Wow!

1 When Being Chased by a Crocodile, What Should You do?

Photo Credit: Tati@

When you are being chased by a crocodile, which I hope you never will be, you should run in zigzag. Why is this? Crocodiles are not good at running in zigzag and it will confuse them.

There you have 8 interesting facts that will make you go "Wow!" I always enjoy writing blogs like this; don't you like reading them? While I am full of interesting facts, I want you to tell me what interesting facts you know. What is your favorite?

Top Photo Credit: Birger Hoppe

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