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7 Facts on Katy Perry ...

By Melanie

I remember seeing Katy Perry appear on the Young and the Restless for a photo shoot. Katy has many fans at the palm of her hands and I think she is an interesting celebrity. Right now, I am going to give you 7 facts on Katy Perry …

7 Birthday

BirthdayPhoto Credit: netmen.

Katy was born on October 25, 1984. Her name was Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson. Today, she is an American musician and singer-songwriter.

6 Christian Rock Artist

Christian Rock ArtistPhoto Credit: Lady Pandacat von Nopants

Originally, Katy Perry was a Christian rock artist. She went by the name of Katy Hudson. She thought her name was too similar to Kate Hudson, so she changed it to her moms maiden name.


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5 During Concerts

During ConcertsPhoto Credit: Rubia Olivo ~ Nail Art

At the concerts, her fans toss cherry ChapStick at her on stage. This is because of her lyrics to “I Kissed a Girl.”

4 Her Cat

Her CatPhoto Credit: Daniel Suarez™

Did you hear what she named her cat? She named the cat Kitty Purry. When I heard this, I couldn’t help but to laugh. I thought it was hilarious.

3 Her Tattoo

Her TattooPhoto Credit: ○ Areli García

Do you know what she has tattooed on her left wrist? On her left wrist, she has ‘Jesus” tattooed on it. This is to always remind her of where she came from.

2 Kissed by Whoopi Goldberg

Kissed by Whoopi GoldbergPhoto Credit: bitca

After she performed on The View, she was kissed on the lips by Whoopi Goldberg. Did any of you hear about this?

1 Growing up

Growing upPhoto Credit: Brayan E. Old Flickr

When Katy was growing up, she was in a religious household. In fact, both her mom and her dad were pastors. As she was growing up, she was only allowed to listen to Christian Music. I couldn’t imagine this.

Those are 7facts on Katy Perry. If you have any other facts you would like to share with us, please do. I like some of her songs that she sings, but there are some songs she sings that I don’t like. I guess I could say that about every singer. Sometimes you like a bands songs, then other songs you hate. Do you love or hate Katy Perry?

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