7 Facts on Miley Cyrus ...


7 Facts on Miley Cyrus ...
7 Facts on Miley Cyrus ...

I am reading a book by Miley Cyrus called "Miles to Go." Mind you, her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus is a big country singer, which I like. But get this, I'm not into country music at all. However, these two have really stood out. My daughter, who is 6 years old, really likes Hannah Montana also known as Miley Cyrus. So, I have decided to give you 7 facts on Miley Cyrus ...

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Count Miley Cyrus out of Twilight

Miley has stated that she is not a fan of Twilight. What's wrong with this picture? Isn't every young girl out there into Twilight? Well, Miley is proof that they aren't. In fact, she doesn't even like vampires.


Her Birth Name

Her Birth Name Photo Credit: jafopix

Miley Cyrus was born as Destiny Hope Cyrus. I think this is a very pretty name. What do you think? I wonder where the nickname "Miley" came from?


What is Her Favorite Video Game?

You can probably guess this one! Miley's favorite video game is Guitar Hero. I can see why — it is a fun game!


Does Miley Have a Favorite Song?

Does Miley Have a Favorite Song? Photo Credit: MILEYJONASFAN

Miley's favorite song is called "Surrender" and that is by Cheap Trick. Do any of you like this song?


Her Hobbies

Her Hobbies Photo Credit: infacinatorinc

Her hobbies don't just include singing. She also likes shopping (what girl doesn't?), cheerleading, playing the guitar, swimming, bike riding and writing music.


Favorite Movie

Her favorite movie is Steel Magnolias. Do you know something? I actually enjoyed watching this movie and I'm not big on chick flicks.


Hannah's Height

Hannah is about the same height as me, she is 5'5" ... Hey, don't go calling her short! I'm about the same height as her! LOL!

Those are 7 facts on Miley Cyrus that I thought you would be interested in. Some of you may already know these facts, some may not care and some may be interested. Don't try to hate on Miley on this blog, only post good comments, pretty please? What is your favorite feature on Miley?

Top Photo Credit: jafopix

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#2 i dont care what u think

this article is awesome

i like the name too

I saw it on TV that the name Miley came becoz she was always very smiley as a child. and smiley changed to Miley. :)

One straight fact about her from me- She is too sugary and I don't like her for that.

Her dad used to call her Smiley all the time and eventually it got developed into Smiley Miley so she changed her name to Miley.

I think she's beautiful and an AMAZING role model! She's staying celibate! And you can tell she ain't gonna grow up to turn out like britney spears :)

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