8 Facts on Number 13 ...

I’m not a very superstitious person but I can honestly say that I’ve never passed a single exam in that dreadful classroom marked with the number 13. Now, you can say it’s just a coincidence and that I was supposed to study more or find a very logical explanation no science will ever consider valid – number 13 and all the bad luck associated with it. Scientifically validated or not, this number plays a big role in some people’s lives. So big that even hotel owners, hospitals and governments choose to skip it! So let me tell you a few interesting things about this number:

1. Most Hotels Avoid Number 13

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Some hotel guests are just too superstitious to sleep in a room numbered 13 and some have even reported bizarre accidents and supernatural phenomenon in the rooms with this number. Rational or not, the fear of this number is so great that some hotels even decided to get rid of it by labeling the rooms 12a and 12b.

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