10 Facts about Dogs ...


10 Facts about Dogs ...
10 Facts about Dogs ...

Dogs are great. In fact, Santa just added a dog to our family. He is a cute little dachshund – a rescue. He is adorable and gets as much love as my pit bull. Right now, I am going to give you 10 facts about dogs …

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Curling up

Have you ever noticed a dog laying down, curled up with their tail covering their nose? Do you wonder why they do this? They do it because of the cold weather. If your dog is doing this, it would not hurt if you gave them something to cover up with.


Sweat Glands

When your dog goes out for a run, do you ever wonder why they do not sweat or has the thought never occurred to you? Their sweat glands are located right between their pads on their paws. I always thought that was neat.



Yes, dogs love chewing on bones and there is no denying this one, but how many bones do they have in their body? They have a total of three hundred and twenty one bones. Wow.


Sense of Smell

We all know that dogs have a wonderful sense of smell. Humans have 5,000,000 sensory smelling cells. A Dachshund (hey, I have one of those), has 125,000,000 and an Alastion has 220,000,000 sensory smelling cells.



If you feed your dog a meal of only meat, then you may need to look into this a bit further. Dogs are omnivorous. This means they need more than meat to flourish.


Stare down

When you stare directly into a strange dogs eyes, they may take this as a challenge from you. In fact, this could encourage the dog to bite you. I have always knew this as I learned this fact as a kid, but don’t worry, the dog didn’t actually bite, but it does provoke.


More Toes

Do you know about the Lundehune breed? This dog is able to close their ears. Not only are they capable of doing this, but they also have six toes. Wow. I used to have a seven toed cat, but never a dog with an extra toe. That’s pretty neat.



I always thought Mastiffs were cute dogs. During the Roman times, they had light armour as they were sent out after mounted knights. Yes, I can totally see a Mastiff in light armour searching for a mounted knight! That is my type of dog.


Pit Bulls

Believe it or not, pit bulls make great family dogs. It’s all with how they are treated. Now, many will argue with this fact, but that is fine with me. I have been working on a free site - pitbulllove.yolasite.com A bit of it tells about my own dog, Copper, then I give you some facts.


Taco Bell Dog

I know, this is an odd fact here, but do you know the name of the Taco Bell dog? If you guessed Gidget, then you guessed right! Now, that’s a funny name.

There you have 10 facts on dogs. I bet, if you are a dog lover, you knew many, if not all of these facts! So, do you have any other facts you would like to share?

Top Photo Credit: woofslc

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I LOVE YOUR PITBULL WEBSITE!! I read it and i totally agree, don't hate the entire breed. I always thought that was unfair and cruel and when i heard about some laws in america where they kill all the pitbulls and i saw pictures of hundreds of dead pitbulls piled up in a heap, i cried. :'(

You forget to Say Salivation it may be a sign of disease it`s 11 :P

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