8 Reasons Cats Make Great Companions ...

I’ve had cats for several years, and I sometimes think I prefer living with them to living with people (though it depends on the people … some are okay!). In fact, I wouldn’t be without cats in my home. For me, they are the perfect pets, and indeed they make wonderful companions. Here’s why I think that cats are great company.

1. Undemanding

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A cat doesn’t really ask for much, aside from food, a bit of fuss, and somewhere warm to sleep. They’re the perfect pet for someone who leads a busy life, and where the house is empty during the day. Most cats will be too busy sleeping to notice that you’ve actually been absent for the last ten hours.

2. Calm Presence

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Okay, so there are times when my cats have a mad moment, or I shout ‘Will you two stop fighting!!’ But on the whole, they are pretty relaxed and as cats do, spend most of their time asleep. It’s very calming to have a sleeping cat next to you, as one of mine is doing at this very moment.

3. Sensitive

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Cats can actually be pretty tuned in to your mood or feelings. If I am down or stressed, one of my cats will usually come and sit with me or on my lap (not something they do as a rule). That simple act of companionship is very touching.

4. Amusing

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Cats are an endless source of entertainment, even if they do spend most of their time napping. Watching their whiskers twitching or hearing them snore (yes, cats do snore) makes me laugh. And when they’re awake they’re even funnier – for animals that are supposed to be graceful, they do have a habit of making fools of themselves.

5. Adaptable

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There are some cats that really need access to the outdoors, but if you live in a city or on a busy road, cats are ideal companions. Most adapt to life indoors, as long as they have a view of the outside world (and preferably a balcony to enjoy some fresh air). Plus you don’t have to walk a cat.

6. Warm and Cuddly

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If you have a cat like mine, you don’t need a hot water bottle in winter. She loves to snuggle up to me, and unlike hot water bottles she doesn’t get cold or need refilling. My other cat likes to sleep at my feet – so no cold feet either!

7. Quiet

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Well … relatively speaking anyway. Your neighbours are unlikely to complain that your cat has been miaowing too loudly all day, whereas dogs can cause a bit of a nuisance if they start barking. Plus aside from their mad moments, cats are generally not that active.

8. Elderly People

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Cats are the perfect companion for elderly people, who often have restricted mobility and couldn’t manage to walk a dog once a day, never mind twice. Also, older people are likely to live alone, and having an animal to keep them company helps to alleviate the feeling of loneliness that can plague them.

Do you see your animals as companions rather than pets, and what do you think is the perfect animal to have as a companion?

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