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7 Dogs That Fit in Your Purse ...

By Neecey

They have to be the ultimate designer accessory – dogs that can fit in your purse. You can take the dog to lunch or the tennis club or on a night out. But, you’ve got to choose the right dog that says something about you. There’s no need to go for the legally blond Chihuahua, there’s plenty of other dinky doggies out there. Here’s a few dogs that fit in your purse easily -- and talk about cute!

1 Brussels Griffon

If you’ve seen the film As Good As It Gets, you’ll know that it’s Verdell the dog that steals the movie. This breed has got a permanent look of surprise on its face. It's also got a pouty little mouth -- how cute! Not only can it still a film, but it's definitely one of the small dogs that fit in your purse quite easily.

2 Yorkshire Terrier

This perky pooch only grows to a maximum of 9 inches tall and is characterised by distinctive black and brown long coat. This breed has suffered having top knot ribbons for centuries – the first dress up dog. Looking at that silky coat and that precious face, though, is it any wonder that the owners of Yorkies feel compelled to dress them up?

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3 Pomeranian

This darling little creature looks as though it’s had its paw stick in an electric socket, as its fur seems to stick out from its body at a 90 degree angle. Still, it has a cutesy teddy bear type face. These dogs take a lot of grooming, but they're so loving and affection, it's well worth the effort.

4 Japanese Chin

If you want a doggie that looks like Gizmo from Gremlins then this is the one for your purse. Have you ever seen anything look so sad? This may be one of the dogs that fit in your purse but, personally, I just want to pick it up and give it a cuddle!

5 Papillon

The pretty Papillon gets its name because of its stick-out ears that look like a butterfly’s wings. This is especially visible from the back -- even the pattern looks like butterfly wings. The Papillon is an adorable little dog that scuttles about like a clockwork mouse. It was once the favoured dog of the Queens of Europe. I wonder if they put their pooches in their purses?

6 West Highland Terrier

Of all the dogs that fit in your purse, this is my favourite. Known as Westies, when they are puppies they are just like a ball of cotton wool. Beautifully friendly dogs – I just love them.

7 Bolognese

No, not the sauce, the dog. What a big ball of fluff this breed is. He’d make a good floor mop, but then of course a lady who keeps her dog in her purse doesn’t mop!

Now you know what to ask for next birthday or what to add to your Christmas list – that is if you can choose a favourite. Of course, once you’ve got the dog you’ll both need matching diamond collars. What do you think about dogs that fit in your purse?

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