8 Cute Wild Animals ...

I have a difficult time finding an animal that I don't think is cute. I would bring home every stray critter I found, if I feasibly could! I've thought about all the animals I've seen in my lifetime, whether here in the woods or at a zoo and have come up with a short list below. Here are 8 cute wild animals that I have seen before. Surely you find at least a couple of these animals cute as well!

8. Raccoons

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Photo Credit: BrianGri

Even adult raccoons are such animated creatures. Their tiny articulate fingers grasp items with such ease. A baby raccoon used to come to my house when my son was very small. We would feed her marshmallows whenever she'd come to the back door. She was so sweet and gentle. It was great to watch her clutch a giant marshmallow with both hands and munch away.

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