9 Amazing Pets to Have ...


9 Amazing Pets to Have ...
9 Amazing Pets to Have ...

Animals have always fascinated me. There are so many interesting ones in the world and many have been made into pets over the years. No longer are houses only filled with cats, dogs, and parakeets. Today there are a whole slew of mammals, reptiles, and birds to choose from. The following list only contains 9 amazing pets to have, but there are far more choices than the ones I’ve mentioned. I hope you’ll share more ideas on great pets people should know about.

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Axolotl Photo Credit: g-na

This amphibian can re-grow lost limbs, has gills and rudimentary lungs, and has a very strange appearance. Its gill rami stick out around its head like frilled spikes and the axolotl always looks like its smiling! Axolotls come in a variety of colors; white, black, gold, and brown, with some mixes in between. These amphibians are easy to care for. They eat a variety of foods and don’t require a gigantic aquarium for their habitat. As long as the water temperature is maintained around 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit, axolotls are happy little campers.



Ferret Photo Credit: SaylaMarz

Ferrets are a fun and rambunctious bunch of animals. They are inquisitive about everything around them, which means they have to be watched almost constantly. Getting into mischief seems to be the main goal for a ferret. Mine used to burrow in anything that was lying about the floor. If she couldn’t get in it or under it, then she would try to drag it around the room. She was very good at rearranging a room in a matter of minutes. Ferrets can be rather messy, so if you are a person who likes to keep everything nice and tidy, you might find ferrets a bit trying.


Hissing Cockroach

Hissing Cockroach Photo Credit: .CellarDoor Photography.

This is a good pet for someone who wants one that is low maintenance and interesting to look at. Hissing cockroaches don’t run on a wheel and won’t entertain you with its antics. They are simple creatures for someone looking for a quiet pet. When disturbed, these bugs will emit a hissing noise. Remember these roaches are great climbers, so be sure to have a tank with a secure lid on it. At least these large insects don’t fly like some of their cousins!



Hedgehog Photo Credit: BlueLunarRose

I don’t see hedgehogs for sale as often as I used to. They aren’t as cuddly as a cat or dog, but they sure are fun to watch. They are actually quite playful. Hedgehogs are mainly insectivores, so they naturally prefer insects over hard food. However they can be fed a diet of cat food that is supplemented with crickets and mealworms. People in the UK let these little guys roam around their gardens at night so they can eat up any bugs munching on the plants. Be sure hedgehogs aren’t illegal as pets in your state, before purchasing one.


Oriental Fire Bellied Toads

Oriental Fire Bellied Toads Photo Credit: listentoreason

These toads are semi-aquatic and a great toad for beginners. They are usually very active and can live together in small groups. Be sure to have at least a 10 gallon tank for no more than 2 or 3 toads. The tank also needs to have a secure lid to keep the small escape artists contained. Watching fire bellied toads eat is a blast! They don’t grab food with their tongues, but physically stuff it into their mouths with their front legs. Feeding these toads twice a week is sufficient; otherwise you’ll have an overweight toad.


Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragon Photo Credit: bored-now

I’ve always been fascinated with lizards and it’s hard to choose just one. I think bearded dragons are a great size for someone who is just getting started with a reptile collection. They don’t get as big as an iguana and often enjoy simply hanging out, especially if they can find a nice warm place to lounge. Although bearded dragons aren’t vicious, they do have spikes that will poke you if you aren’t careful when handling them.


Pot Bellied Pig

Pot Bellied Pig Photo Credit: mrchriscornwell

I had two of these when I was in high school; one was full grown when I got him. The adult pig’s name was Shorty and he would beg for cookies. He lived in an A-frame house my father built next to our own home. I later got a baby pot bellied pig and litter box trained him. Eventually he got too big to be in the house and he moved outside with Shorty. Pigs are smart animals and these guys weren’t smelly or dirty. They were very well-natured as well and enjoyed following the family around the yard. Strangely enough, people were more scared of these large tusked black pigs than they were of our big dog!



Skunk Photo Credit: floridapfe

It is illegal in some states to own a skunk, so be sure you don’t live in one of those states if you are buying a baby skunk. These animals are very smart and loving. Skunks can get rather large and it’s a good idea to have your pet de-scented, to avoid being sprayed when he gets perturbed. You can feed skunks cat food and even litter box train them. I’ve enjoyed seeing many families of skunks crossing the roads around, but never had one of my own to raise.


Sugar Glider

Sugar Glider Photo Credit: Photo Mate Kitt

I was lucky enough to take care of a sugar glider for a college friend who had to head home during Christmas break one year. I enjoyed making a fresh fruit salad for the little fella and watching him grip each chunk with his tiny fingers. He would look at me with those huge eyes as he relished each piece of fruit. The hard part with sugar gliders is that they are nocturnal, so it’s difficult to socialize with one if you have a schedule that requires you to sleep while your sugar glider is playing.

Even though I love dogs, cats, and rabbits, I didn’t mention them in my list of 9 amazing pets to have. I tried to stick to pets that aren’t commonly mentioned. I’m sure you have a personal list of animals you’d like for pets, I know I do! What is the most unique pet you’ve personally had or would like to have? Why do you think you are drawn towards this specific animal?

Top Photo Credit: Steve aka Crispin Swan - 500,000+ Views Thanks

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I feel bad for animals kept in cages and aquariums!

I love turtles! They are so cute and U love taking care of them. It's easy and they don't need much attention. But I would love to own a sugar glider. I hear that you can put them in your jacket pockets and they'll just sleep in there. Haha. So cute!

Great post! I love animals. My favorites are pit bulls and reptiles. I have 1 pit bull, 2 bearded dragons, 1 pacman frog, 1 savannah monitor, a hamster and a Russian tortoise . * looks around - did I leave anything out?* lol. I'm sure this list will grow. ~Melanie

im getting one sugar glider well im not sure yet i hope i do cause those are soooo cute

I own two sugar gliders and they are some of the best pets in the world!! @Jennifer, if they bond with you then you can indeed slip them into your pocket and carry them around. My sugar gliders are usually up at 7pm and if I get up early (7ish) they will come out and see me. I would suggest them to anyone as long as they are willing to provide the proper care for them! They have such unique personalities and are some of the sweetest animals I've ever known!! ((:

I own 2 ferrets. They are the most amazing pets!!:)

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