9 Amazing Pets to Have ...

Animals have always fascinated me. There are so many interesting ones in the world and many have been made into pets over the years. No longer are houses only filled with cats, dogs, and parakeets. Today there are a whole slew of mammals, reptiles, and birds to choose from. The following list only contains 9 amazing pets to have, but there are far more choices than the ones Iโ€™ve mentioned. I hope youโ€™ll share more ideas on great pets people should know about.

9. Axolotl

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Photo Credit: g-na

This amphibian can re-grow lost limbs, has gills and rudimentary lungs, and has a very strange appearance. Its gill rami stick out around its head like frilled spikes and the axolotl always looks like its smiling! Axolotls come in a variety of colors; white, black, gold, and brown, with some mixes in between. These amphibians are easy to care for. They eat a variety of foods and donโ€™t require a gigantic aquarium for their habitat. As long as the water temperature is maintained around 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit, axolotls are happy little campers.

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