5 Things Furry and Fun...


5 Things Furry and Fun...
5 Things Furry and Fun...

Here is one fabulous detachable faux fur collar tutorial from one gorgeous lady. I bet you can make your version in an afternoon. Get on it!

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Do you want to know more about these furry (and sometimes handsome) creatures? Here are five facts that Melanie gathered for us. I didn't know about the no-silver bullet bit, I have to be honest.


Fake eyelashes made of mink fur? Sounds interesting. These Glambox items have just arrived in my part of the world but they may already have been available in yours for a long time. To those who have used these, share your experience!


I can only dream of rocking faux fur since I live in a very warm place. You, on the other hand, may be wondering how to wear them this season. Check out the link for great ideas!


Well this part is less furry and more hairy, really. Cactus is kind of low maintenance but I admit that I have killed the few that entered my home. If you want to avoid my cacti-killing record, check out the link.

Found any furry items lately that you covet? Tell us about it by leaving a comment or two.

Top Photo Credit: casey

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Oh, I love fur!!!! :P

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