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I’ve always had animals in the house; cats, dogs, ferrets, rabbits, parakeets, parrots, hamsters, mice, etc. It seems like the family dog has always been the one who went for walks with me and genuinely loved keeping me company. Here are 7 cool breeds of dogs that I’ve either owned or knew first hand. I’m sure you’ve heard of each of these breeds of dog. Hopefully your experience with dogs has been a pleasant one and you enjoy my list!

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Rough Collie

My aunt and uncle had a Rough Collie named Rex when I was growing up, plus I loved all the Lassie movies. Many people refer to these dogs as ‘Lassie’ dogs, since the sable and white Rough Collies tend to bring to mind this famous canine. They were originally developed as a herding breed in Scotland. I don’t know of any famers who use this breed for herding in the area I live in, but I know they are perfectly happy being outside in the cold. The Rough Collie has an extremely thick coat. I used to use Rex as a pillow while I watched cartoons. Soft and warm, all rolled into one loveable package!


Border Collie

I’ve always been fascinated by the agility and talent these dogs have. They are amazing to watch during the dog shows where obstacle courses have to be completed within a certain amount of time. I’ve watched documentaries on these dogs and supposedly their herding abilities are derived from basic instinct. It must be nice to need a herding dog and not have to spend a lot of time training them on how to do their job.



Royalty who engaged in hunting used to use these dogs. I remember seeing them featured on Sesame Street. I think they were forming letters or something to do with words. They are a beautiful dog, even for being rather monochromatic. Weimaraners started off being used to hunt deer, boar, and bear, but later were used for hunting foxes, rabbits, and various fowl. Today they are mostly kept as house pets.


English Bulldog

I think these dogs are rather cute, even though they tend to drool a lot and make funny noises because of their smooshed faces. These dogs don’t have much of a neck and are short, stocky canines. Occasionally I’ll see one with an under-bite and I think this adds a bit of character. Respiratory issues are common. The average age is around 10 or 11 years. I have a friend who raises them for a living and I’ve never seen cuter puppies in my life!


Pit Bull

A few breeds of dog are often mistaken for pit bulls, due to similar facial characteristics and short hair. This breed of dog has gotten a bad rap over the years, but they are really one of the sweetest, most well-mannered dogs around. I’ve been around many and they all have been utter babies. A person can train any dog to be mean. I’ve met poodles and Chihuahuas that are terrifying. They show their teeth and they come after ankles and toes. I’d take a pit bull over a small dog any day. They are also very loving and great with kids.



I can’t make up my mind on a specific type of husky to list, so I’ve decided to lump them all together in this list. The term ‘husky’ is a general term used for a variety of dogs, but most commonly associated with Siberian and Alaskan huskies. I’ve raised huskies in the past and love these dogs to pieces. They are amazing animals. I’ve had some that pulled sleds and others who just lounged about the house. The only difficulty I’ve ever had was the inability to deter this breed of dog from chasing my cats. At least they only chased them and didn’t try to eat them too!


Great Dane

These beasts might be considered more of a small horse than a large dog to some people. My husband’s family has always had Great Danes in the house. This is actually the only type of dog his family has ever owned. I had one when my son was very small and she was such a well-mannered dog. She’d rest her head on the counter while I did dishes. A Dane by the name of George is currently the title holder for the World’s Tallest Living Dog. He’s a 245 pound 4 yr old Dane who stands 43 inches from feet to shoulders. His water bowl is the kitchen sink and he has to bend down to drink out of it!

The 7 cool breeds of dogs I listed above don’t even come close to the variety of breeds out there. I tend to prefer large dogs to small ones, just because of all the negative experiences I’ve had with little dogs. All the tiny dogs I’ve met or known have been yippy, ill-mannered, and basically pains in the rear. I’m sure there are plenty of good ones out there! What breed of dog do you think is one of the coolest you’ve come across? Do you like this breed because of what you’ve read or have you owned one in the past?

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I grew up around pit bulls & they are wonderful dogs !

I think all dogs are cool.

You know my favorite on this list! The Pit Bull - but yes, all dogs are cool. It's nice to see someone putting good rap on the Pit - there's so much bad stuff out there on them.

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