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I’ve shared many years of my life with cats, both in my own home and working with them as a volunteer. In that time, I’ve learned an awful lot about their characters, their welfare, and what they can teach us. Here are just some of those things.

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Relaxation Photo Credit: megditi

In our busy lives, we find it so hard to switch off. But does a cat have the same problem? No he does not! If he wants to go to sleep, he just curls up and off he goes. No worrying at all. We humans could take a lesson in the importance of ‘time out’ from cats.



Everyone needs to have fun sometimes. Playing with a cat is a great way to do that. Yes, to him it’s exercising serious hunting skills, but it’s very amusing to watch as they chase string and scrunched up paper. Plus, watching a cat play by itself can be hilarious as well.



Tranquility Photo Credit: Birdie2533

Admittedly, my cats do sometimes squabble with each other, but that’s only natural. Aside from this, they are generally very peaceful and relaxed. When I see them stretching, rolling and yawning, I think that we humans could do with enjoying some tranquil moments instead of needing to be busy all the time.



Contentment Photo Credit: *yasuhiro

When my three girls are curled up at my side, it gives me a very contented feeling. Watching them sleeping peacefully is a simple pleasure – and sometimes the simple pleasures are the best.



Simplicity Photo Credit: dajanka08

There’s nothing complicated about the life of a domestic cat. It has very few requirements, and loves simple pleasures such as lying in the sun. No worries for our feline friends! Perhaps that is something that we could try to emulate a little, instead of being competitive and acquisitive.


Body Language

Body Language Photo Credit: death and gravity

Cats do share common features of body language, but over time I have learnt what signals each of my cats is sending. They all have different ways of indicating their feelings and wishes, and I can now tell what each of them is thinking. They also have individual vocal signals.



Each of my cats has a very different character. One is completely confident and friendly with everyone. Another is shy and likes to be around me all the time. The third one is relatively new, so I am still learning about her.



Every single cat is beautiful, without exception. Even if they look like an ordinary black or tabby cat, each of them has a lovely feature, such as a glossy coat, interesting markings, or beautiful eyes.



Sensitivity Photo Credit: sean dreilinger

Cats are often characterised as opportunistic, which may sometimes be true (they’re certainly not daft), but I have also found that my cats are very sensitive to when I need their companionship. If I am stressed, or need comfort, one of them will be there at my side.



Determination Photo Credit: goenetix

Try, try, try again … that is certainly a feline philosophy. Many a time I have watched mine making repeated attempts until they get what they want. They will try different ways until they succeed. A good philosophy indeed!

So, what have you learnt from your animals, be they cats, dogs or something more exotic? Do you think that we should follow their example in other ways?

Top Photo Credit: Nicolas Valentin

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Oh gosh! I love cats!

OMG! They really do love to play inside a box... I thought my sister's cat was just crazy.

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