8 Best Cat Videos ...


8 Best Cat Videos ...
8 Best Cat Videos ...

Years ago I remember watching programmes of video clips sent in by viewers, and now the internet is full of similar clips. Many of them feature pets making complete and utter fools of themselves. Here are some of my favourite cat videos – enjoy them!

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Two Cats Talking

This is so well done. First, someone posted a video of their cats having a ‘conversation’. Next, someone else ‘translated’ what the cats were really saying. So if you’ve ever wondered what your cats are talking about behind your back … now you know.


Simon’s Cat

If you have not come across Simon’s cat, then you’re in for a treat. This cartoon feline is the star of many videos. Any cat owner will recognise something of their own pet in Simon’s devious, resourceful cat …


Best Foot Forward

Of course, we all know that cats are graceful, surefooted creatures who always move with elegance and style … don’t they? Not according to the clips in this video, where an assortment of moggies make complete fools of themselves. Watch out in particular for the cat at 0.56 …


Mean Kitty Song

The lovely Sparta is the real star of this song, even though he doesn’t sing a note. He features in several videos by his ‘owner’, and I’m sure that he’s nowhere as mean as he’s made out to be …


Everybody Wants to Be a Cat

This song is the best bit from ‘The Aristocats’. I love the cat band. And of course they’re right – why wouldn’t everybody want to be a cat? They’re much better than dogs …


Curious Cats

Cats like to investigate everything, and in doing so get themselves into some extraordinary situations. Here’s a video showing them managing to cause chaos in many a house – mine do some pretty daft things too.



Here’s a collection of cat pictures with some very amusing captions. If you’ve never visited icanhascheezburger.com then drop by – you can have a lot of fun thinking up your own captions for cat pictures.


Never Mess with a Cat …

… they will always win! This compilation features several cats, a few dogs and even a bear – and the outcome is not as you might think! Cats are more than capable of punching above their weight when they want to, so don’t mess with kitty …

I hope you enjoyed these funny cat videos. Have you ever caught your own cat on video doing something daft, or had one of those moments where you wish you did have a video handy?

Top Photo Credit: MissyV110

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Haha, they are all so funny!! XD

This was through enjoyable, it had me laughing quiet hard for a few minutes. My favorite is certainly the last one. Though simon's cat was also hilarious, it reminded me so much of my own cats and a believe it or not my boyfriends dog.

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