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Some Fun Stuff....

By Elke

Amongst all the beauty, hair and a LOT of skincare items that I get, I also manage to get what I call, 'the fun stuff'. Little unknown items that just make my day. Nothing too serious, or heavy. Just fun!

Like, Spiffer's cool manicure pen that you can put on your cell phone.

Complete with a nail file, writing pen, nail cleaner and a cuticle pusher. Hook it on your phone, your purse, in your little beauty bag. It's perfect!
You can buy online or at select stores.

Aother cool find is from
Her claim to fame is her one of a kind buggley eyed toys that, as she puts it: "We're a renegade crew of motley creatures determined to overthrow the long-standing reign of generic, insufferably cute stuffed toys." But what I like are her 'tell it like it is" breakup jewelry.

Though sometimes a little risque, her jewelry states what's truly in your heart, (or in your head at the moment) with one of a kind lines like:

he still might call. really.
are you kidding me?
oh. my. god. shut up.
i fell for that again?
on the rebound.
get over yourself. really.
he wasn't that great
what happened?
commitment issues.
and my personal favorite:
"what was i thinking?"
Just a warning, her lines are not always ahhhh, shall we say nice?

Okay, this is SOOO cute.
kitsch n
It's for the kitchen diva in all of us.
It's the kitchen apron that your mom WISHES she had!

It's for those that want to look extra fab in the kitchen. And why not? In the cutest little designs and most are reversable.. I met the designer Anna at a recent shopping show and she was as cute and sweet as her designs... She'll even do a custom order that fits exactly your style quota! How cool is that?

P.S. Her items even come with matching oven mits, pot holders and towels!

My gotta have find:

It's their 3-in-1 shampoo, body wash, conditioner.

Their packaging is adorable and would fit soo perfect in my bathroom. Their scents come in flora-belle and vanilla blossom and you can chose from candles, to body scrubs to body butters. Yummy!

Just got back from the Long Beach ISSE (International Salon & Spa Expo) trade show... more info & goodies coming soon!

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