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10 Simple Pleasures ...

By Elke

Michelle @ Grown Up Girlie had the perfect post yesterday, one I felt perfect to go into the weekend with.

As she says; "I was tagged by Thushara. This meme is about life's simple pleasures. But what is a "simple pleasure"? Is it indeed "simple"? Does it imply that you derive pleasure, though little was spent emotionally or monetarily? I think that is probably the case. But life is full of simple has to be aware of them, and be thankful of them, to take full appreciation of the pleasure that is simple."

Here are my 10 Simple Pleasures:

1 Ladybugs and White Butterflies in the Garden

2 Sleeping in, Just Because You Can


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3 Hugs

4 A Perfect Cup of a.m. Coffee

5 Brunch with Friends

6 That Perfect Hair Moment

7 An Invitation

8 Scented Candles

9 Hawaiian Sunsets

10 Flowers

What are YOUR simple pleasures?? Join in in comments!

Have a great weekend everyone...

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