10 Fun Things to do when Babysitting ...


10 Fun Things to do when Babysitting ...
10 Fun Things to do when Babysitting ...

Friday night has come and I’ve been asked to baby-sit. It has the potential to be a night of never ending noise and leave me a massive headache. Luckily for me I have a few tricks up my sleeve to keep the children controlled until Mom and Dad get home. Here are 10 fun things I like to do when babysitting.

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Bake Photo Credit: Whipped Bakeshop

I can’t begin to explain the level of excitement that ensues when I’m babysitting and say the word "brownies." I let them measure the ingredients, crack the eggs, hold the mixer, and best of all, lick the spoon! The same goes for any other baked good. Not only does your kid have fun doing it, but they get a delicious treat at the end!


Put on a Play

Put on a Play Photo Credit: amypritchizzle

I am the first to admit that I’m a terrible actor, but that doesn’t matter when I’m babysitting. Who needs a script? I like to act out songs, scenes from movies, stories from their favorite book or just make it up as I go along. Being over the top and cracking up while I recite my made up lines makes the whole thing that much more fun!


Old-school Movies

Old-school Movies Photo Credit: Shaun_Sheep

I was babysitting one day and casually mentioned something about "The Nightmare Before Christmas." Imagine my surprise when the kids asked me what I was talking about. I was floored but I also saw an opportunity! I bring movies that came out before the kids were born, turn off the lights, get a big bowl of popcorn and roll the film.


Write a Story

Write a Story Photo Credit: NixieMichelle

Writing a story is a great way to improve spelling, grammar and reading. It also fosters an active imagination. I like to get crayons and markers and encourage pictures along with the words. I ask them questions about the characters and help move the story along. When we’re all done we read it at bed time.


Go Camping

Go Camping Photo Credit: shhanalog

I grab pillows and drape blankets over furniture and when I’m done they’re all too excited to play inside. I like to pretend that we’re camping or living in a foreign wonderland, I even speak with an accent. It’s fun to build and when bed time comes around they’ll be too excited to sleep in their new tents to argue.



Model Photo Credit: wakalani

Thanks to never ending marathons of America’s Next Top Model just about everyone in the world has learned how to smile with their eyes. I use this to my advantage when babysitting pre-teen girls and have a photo shoot. I borrow just a dab of Mom’s lipstick and use my digital camera to channel my inner Nigel Barker. I have them pose, make faces, put ridiculous things on their heads and be as dramatic or silly as they like. It keeps them entertained all night!


Go outside

Go outside Photo Credit: lydiafairy

This may seem like a no brainer, but with all of the video games and endless hours of Nickolodean children rarely get outside these days. Not only does it keep them occupied but it’s healthy for their little bodies. I find that teaching them the games I used to play when I was a kid taps into their competitive spirit as well as their imagination.


Indoor Picnic or Tea Party

Indoor Picnic or Tea Party Photo Credit: Emma Bradshaw

Kind of along the same lines as indoor camping, having a picnic or tea party breaks up the monotony of dinner. How often does a kid get a chance to eat their food on a blanket in the middle of the living room floor? Making a game out of dinner helps them clear their plates and



Karaoke Photo Credit: el patojo

I’m convinced that my love of music started in the womb. I’ve been singing, albeit badly, since before I could talk. Instead of an actual karaoke machine, use music videos on TV or the web. Use captions on TV or pick popular songs that are always on the radio and make it extra fun by having them play air guitar or air drums. This way even younger ones who can’t read or don’t know the words can still participate.


Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts Photo Credit: Macaw-frey (no time for flickr)

Arts and crafts are a sure-fire way to get the kiddies excited! I gather some glue, glitter, paper, markers and odd bits and ends like buttons then I lay some newspaper down on the table or floor and let them have at it. I’m always amazed at the fun and creative things kids come up with. When they’re all done roll up the paper and voila, all clean. It’s an awesome way to express creativity and it will keep them entertained for hours.

I’ve shared my secrets with you. You’re now prepared and have 10 great new ways to keep the kiddies entertained for hours on end. Are there fun things you like to do when babysitting?

Top Photo Credit: isayx3

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Thank you! I have been babysitting my little sister this summer a lot. And she is a very talkative, and slightly annoying. And I seem like there's nothing to do. I babysit again next week! Thanks for the ideas. (:

i have done all of that! it works great

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