8 Fun Halloween Themes ...


8 Fun Halloween Themes ...
8 Fun Halloween Themes ...

Halloween is my favorite time of the year. Ghosts and goblins are in the air, children are happy, the leaves are turning colors, there’s a nip in the air and spooky music is playing. Not to mention it’s time for all of those fun carnivals! If you plan on having a party, whether it is for your children or adults, below, I am going to give you 8 fun Halloween themes…

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Pumpkin Carving Party

Pumpkin Carving Party Photo Credit: Batikart

Have you ever heard of this? This is a great way to enjoy the good old Halloween tradition. If you love the idea of carving pumpkins, then a good old pumpkin carving party should be planned!


How about a Vampires Ball?

How about a Vampires Ball? Photo Credit: Amadika

What would Halloween be without those blood suckers? With this theme, everyone can come dressed up as their favorite vampire. With Twilight being so popular, I don’t think anyone this year will have a problem trying to decide what vampire they will be!


Horror Movie Themed Halloween Party

Horror Movie Themed Halloween Party Photo Credit: aenemboy

Do you have a favorite scary movie? I love this idea. Some scary movies include It, Friday the 13th, Halloween, Silence of the Lambs, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Which person would you be?


A Witches Ball

A Witches Ball Photo Credit: Tididi

As the coven gathers as everyone dressed up in their witch costume, the cauldron sure is bubbling. There are many varieties of the witch you could be.


Do the Monster Mash!

Do the Monster Mash! Photo Credit: Jane Diamond

Do you have a favorite classic monster? Then this would be a great theme to go with. With this one, everyone will come dressed up as their favorite classic monster.


It’s a Zombie Invasion!

Okay, I hope “zombie’s” never take over the world, but for one night out of the year, we can at least pretend that they do. By having a Zombie themed Halloween party, you might just have nightmares as you see the zombie’s come to life! Hey, but Halloween is supposed to be scary!


Attack of the Evil Clowns!

Attack of the Evil Clowns! Photo Credit: Mellow Melancholy

I don’t know about you, but ever since I watched the movie “It” as a child, I don’t really like them. There is something creepy about them. They’re just too…giggly? Either way, they would make a great setting for a Halloween party!


Did Anyone Say Twilight?

Did Anyone Say Twilight? Photo Credit: rhoftonphoto

Yes, Twilight. It’s no new news that it’s a big hit amongst many, especially girls. Why not hold a Twilight themed party this Halloween? Come dressed up as your favorite vampire OR werewolf. Who will you be? Victoria? Jasper? Jacob? Edward? Alice? Bella?

There you have 8 Fun Halloween themes to choose from. Out of all the ones on here, number one is my favorite. What about you?

Top Photo Credit: Hotash

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