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7 Things to do on Your Day off ...

By Jennifer

It’s finally your day off, those few precious hours where you don’t have to be at work! Aside from missing your morning flirtation at the coffee stand with that hottie in Accounting, you won’t miss it, will you? You’ve got a lot to do on your day off… and here’s the list!

Table of contents:

  1. get a mani/pedi
  2. clean and do laundry
  3. deep-condition your hair
  4. call your mother
  5. sleep in, or take a nap
  6. balance your checkbook
  7. make a list

1 Get a Mani/pedi

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You’ve been such a busy bee all week, and your nails show it! Why not treat yourself to a manicure and a pedicure, or at least give yourself one? It’ll be relaxing, and your nails will look so much better without the chipped polish from typing all week…

2 Clean and do Laundry

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I know, I know, this is no fun at all, but it must be done! Give your flat a good cleaning, then throw in a few loads of wash. It will only take an hour, and you can do it all while you’re doing item #3…

3 Deep-condition Your Hair

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Once a week, give your tresses a soothing deep-conditioning to make up for the week of blow-drying and flat-ironing. You can put it on, then do all of your cleaning and laundry while it sets!

4 Call Your Mother

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You know your mother is just dying to hear from you, and she knows it’s your day off, so why not call her during the spin cycle? She’ll be delighted, and you’ll be caught up on all of the family gossip.

5 Sleep in, or Take a Nap

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Why not? You’ve certainly earned a little extra sleep after your grueling week at work. Sleep in at least an hour, and if you just can’t, then at least try and take an hour-long nap… oh, so luxurious!

6 Balance Your Checkbook

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Take all of those coffee shop and lunch receipts out of your wallet and balance your checkbook! The pile may seem daunting, but you’ll feel so accomplished once the task is done…

7 Make a List

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What do you have to do during the week next week? When were you supposed to have lunch with your sister, that dental cleaning, and drinks with your bestie? Why not take ten minutes to make a list of everything you need to do next week, and then stop thinking about anything responsible for the whole rest of the day…

And once you’ve finished this list of things to do on your day off, feel free to watch a movie, snog with your sweetie, or hit the club with your girlfriends! What do you always get done on your day off? Please let me know!

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