5 Fun Things to do...


5 Fun Things to do...
5 Fun Things to do...

Find Design Inspiration

Some girls like collecting runway photos. Others like me prefer interior decorating pages from magazines. Here are a few that The Glamourai has kept for inspiration.

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Why don't you start with a salad? Here is an easy-breezy recipe from College Candy. It involves broccoli so YAY if you love this veggie.


Do you know what's a good fall craft? Something that involves those beautiful brown/orange/yellow leaves in your yard, of course! Here is a fun one that Christina borrowed from a book.


And since it's almost Halloween, why don't you and your friends watch werewolf movies? Here are 5 that Melanie listed for us. Some of these can bring on the frights, if you happen to like scary movies.


If you have cucumbers in your garden and you want them to grow healthy, keep these tips in mind. This post is so good I'll send the link to my mom.

So what are you going to do today? Anything inspired by something that you read online? We'd love to know about them so please leave some comments.

Top Photo Credit: zzaj ? {Thomas}

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