7 Ways to Brighten a Rainy Day ...


7 Ways to Brighten a Rainy Day ...
7 Ways to Brighten a Rainy Day ...

It’s fall, so inevitably, it’s going to rain… in fact, chances are, it’s going to rain a lot. But don’t be blue! Rainy days don’t have to be blah — they can be cheery and fun! And you really don’t have to do a whole lot to make them fun, either. Here are 7 easy ways to brighten a rain day…

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Wear Yellow

Wear Yellow Photo Credit: laurenlemon

Be your own little ray of sunshine by wearing something yellow on a rainy day! Find a cute trench, a sweet umbrella, or even just a slouchy, comfortable sweater, and wear it when it’s rainy and grey outside.


Eat an Orange

Eat an Orange Photo Credit: Anna Gay

Did you know that eating an orange or other citrus fruit can improve your mood, especially on a grey, rainy day? The extra vitamin C won’t hurt, either, possibly boosting your immune system during the rainy, flu-catching season.


Use Lotion

Use Lotion Photo Credit: sarah the pirate

Researchers say that using a tanning lotion (that smells like coconut) will trigger memories of sunnier, warmer summer days, making you feel happier even though it’s drizzling outside. So keep at least one bottle of summer-smelling lotion handy all autumn long!


Wear Cool Boots

Wear Cool Boots Photo Credit: Stuck in Customs

I love the look of clever rain boots with jeans tucked in, with or without a matching slicker. Shop around for a cute pair, and take every opportunity you can to wear them!


Splash in Puddles

Splash in Puddles Photo Credit: soup & sunday

Once you’ve acquired the smart rain boots from item four, put them to good use by splashing around in some puddles! You can do it alone, or take a child with you. If you do bring a little one, be sure to teach them the proper way to hunt for earthworms…


Realize It’s Needed

Realize It’s Needed Photo Credit: JennKstep
Think of all the things rain does for us: it waters our lawns and gardens, refills streams and rivers, and wipes clean the pavement and sidewalks, even washes our cars! A rainy day once in a while isn’t a bad thing, after all — imagine how much drier, browner, and duller our little world would be without it.


Enjoy It!

Enjoy It! Photo Credit: AXEHD

Can you think of a better time to sit under a cozy blanket on the couch, reading a book and drinking tea? Rainy weather was made for laziness and snuggling, so enjoy this blustery day in your coziest, softest flannel PJs and favorite type of tea.

With so many easy ways to brighten even the rainiest of days, there’s no reason to be glum about the weather! I’ve tried all of these, and they all really work! Which of these do you always do, and which do you think are silly? Or do you have another way to have fun on a rainy day, just to make it brighter? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: Silvia Abad

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i love a well placed rainy day, like you said they're so cozy! :)

I really have to get rain boots they are so cute I've been wanting a pair for the longest Target has really cute rain boots have to get some=)

Wear red lipstick! There's nothing like red to cheer me up on a rainy day! Personally, I just adore sitting with a mug of hot chocolate near the fireplace when it's freezing cold and raining!

i love to go for walks with my best friend just after it rains.... the world just feels like a dream... we take new paths, and sometimes stumble upon the most beautiful sights... sigh ... :)

Great post! I agree that staying indoor is the best way to actually enjoy a rainy day. Read a good book, see a fun movie or work from home (if you can). Maybe combine that with some mood enhancers such as dark chocolate, nettle tea, bananas, oranges and bagels with low-fat cream cheese and salmon. All of these foods can enhance your brain levels of the "feel good" neurotransmitter serotonin.

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