7 Things to do with Your Siblings ...


7 Things to do with Your Siblings ...
7 Things to do with Your Siblings ...

Are you one of the few people who have been blessed with a tightly knit family and can call your siblings your best friends? Or maybe you would rather walk on broken glass than spend time with your siblings. It doesn’t matter which one of these scenarios portrays you the best. Either way, this list will give you some great ideas of things to do with your siblings, things that will bring you closer together and help you find common ground with each other!

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Clean Your Rooms Together

Clean Your Rooms Together Photo Credit: Fleur Audet

Take turns helping each other clean your room. It’s easier to stay motivated when you have someone working with you and the time goes by much faster. Plus if either of you has some things to get rid of; you can trade stuff out before you haul it off to the goodwill. Put on some music and have some cookies on hand and you’re all set to go!


Work a Giant Puzzle Together

Work a Giant Puzzle Together Photo Credit: janetfo747

Pick out a puzzle that you both like. It will take you several evenings to get it put together with glue, so you will have some nice time to chat and catch up with each other. After you’re done with the puzzle you can frame it and give it to someone as a gift!


Do the Grocery Shopping for Mom

Do the Grocery Shopping for Mom Photo Credit: Jiri Urban

If you or your sibling isn’t old enough to drive yet, have mom drop you off at the store and come back to pick you up. The two of you can decide on a menu, then buy all the things you need for each meal. This will take teamwork! If you’re really up for a challenge, ask your mom to give you a budget to stay within. Then be sure and help prepare the meals together all week long!


Spend a Day at the Park

Spend a Day at the Park Photo Credit: wildlight.ca

The park isn’t just for babies. You can take advantage of the bike trails, the volleyball nets and basketball courts. Even the swings and slides and merry-go-rounds will be fun if you have somebody to do it with! Make a day of it and pack a picnic lunch.


Play Xbox

Play Xbox Photo Credit: moiht

Girls, if you have brothers, this might be a great way to squeeze in some time together. So they don’t play games you like. Why not just give them a try? You may find you like it! And if not at least you tried. If you’re a total girlie-girl, try games like Pac-man or racing car games. Don’t forget, you can play Xbox with your sister just like you can your brother! And the winner treats to ice cream!


Make a Video for YouTube

Make a Video for YouTube Photo Credit: Mary Bogdan

Who doesn’t love watching hilarious videos on YouTube? I think it’s a pretty safe bet to place that we’ve all wasted a lot of time on there! Why not make a video for YouTube together? It could be something funny (a re-enactment of a music video) it could be a contest (which of you could hula-hoop the longest) or something totally unique that the two of you came up with.


Make a Collage

Make a Collage Photo Credit: Lisa at TSS

Dig through some old photo albums and find a bunch of pictures of the two of you, starting when you were born and up until present day. Put them together in a nice big collage and hang it somewhere that you can both see it often. (I bet mom will like this one too!) Not only will it give you something to do together, it will give you a good laugh (remember the time you died your hair purple with kool-aid and that day we all went four wheeling in a big mud-hole?) and it will remind you that brothers and sisters are forever.

Make the most of the time you have with your siblings now because college and adult life comes way sooner that you would ever expect. Of course, you can still make memories after you’re each grown and married, but you will never be able to get this time back. What are some of your favorite things to do with your siblings?

Top Photo Credit: friend_cuttack

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