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10 Things the over-40s Can Still do ...

By Alison

I’m very open about being in my 40s, and it’s definitely turning out to be the best period of my life so far. Yet there is still a lot of nonsense talked about being over 40, and I believe very strongly in showing that it is a very positive age with many fantastic aspects to it. I also believe in refusing to conform to stereotypes, so here are some of the things that being over 40 does not rule out.

1 Having Children

While there’s no doubt that fertility declines as you get older, it is still possible to conceive naturally in your 40s. Hitting the big 4-0 is not a cut-off point! I do wonder about the wisdom of the over-50s having fertility treatment, but older women can make great mums.

2 Start a New Life

I was close to 40 when I moved country, and it’s been the best thing I ever did. Some people have said that I was brave to make such a change, well adventure is not just for the young!

3 Study

I’ve always thought that expecting people to know what they want to study when they are not even adults is somewhat ridiculous. Very often, you discover new interests and talents as you get older, so why not take a course and turn it into a new career? You can also study just for the fun of it, whatever your age.

4 Wear Short Skirts

If you’ve got a good enough pair of legs, then why shouldn’t you wear a mini skirt? And if your pins aren’t quite in shape, hey that’s why opaque tights were invented!

5 Travel

You don’t have to be 18 to go on a gap year trip! Travelling when you’re older is a great idea, as you are much less likely to run into problems. Plus you are more likely to have the money to fund a trip.

6 Party

I know one 50 year old who flatly refuses to give up clubbing and dancing, and good for her. She could party most 20 year olds into the ground. Why give up and stay at home if you’re still having fun?

7 Find a Relationship

It’s often said that it’s hard to find a partner if you’re over 40, as the pool of available men shrinks. Well, you only need one (unless you’re greedy!). In fact, women in their 40s or 50s can date men of any age – including toy boys!

8 Have a Tattoo

By the time you hit 40 or 50, chances are you know yourself and your own mind. So if you want a tattoo, then it’s not about being rebellious or impulsive. And who cares if anyone else disapproves? It’s your body!

9 Colour Your Hair

And when I say colour, I don’t necessarily mean a nice subtle tint. I’ve seen some fabulous strong colours on older women. It’s a question of having the confidence to carry it off.

10 Whatever You Want!

I’ll make up my own mind about what’s age appropriate or not – nobody is going to tell me what I can or can’t do!

So, what’s your opinion about getting older – are there some things that have a cut-off point, or is age never a barrier? Do you plan to do whatever you please, whatever your age?

Top Photo Credit: shannonkringen

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