8 Things Every Modern Girl Can do ...


8 Things Every Modern Girl Can do ...
8 Things Every Modern Girl Can do ...

About a week ago while in a used book store I came across a Vogue etiquette book from 1948. In it, everything a woman should and shouldn't do was listed out very carefully and in great detail. Which got me thinking, what are the things that most women CAN do since 62 years ago? And here they are, the list of things that any modern girl can do that she couldn't in 1948!

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Change the Oil

Change the Oil Photo Credit: www.MyCarHeaven.com

In 1948 if you were a woman, the only thing you could do to a car was drive it. It wasn't very proper for a woman to get down and dirty and change the oil. Now, it's something that just about every woman in the world should learn. It's quick, it's easy and I think it's kind of fun.


Change a Tire

Change a Tire Photo Credit: m_janitz

Once again, a woman's place with a car was behind the wheel, not beside a flat one. Now we all know our way around a jack and tire iron and although most of us don't usually change the tires by ourselves, we have pretty basic knowledge of how it's done if we're ever in a sticky situation.


Change a Light Bulb

Change a Light Bulb Photo Credit: cathycracks

This one I find a little funny, in 1948 women were in charge of cleaning the house and cooking dinner, not general maintenance and upkeep. It was seen as a man's chore to change a light bulb. Now, it's a chore to get a man to change a light bulb.


Ask a Guy out

Ask a Guy out Photo Credit: cheska annelliese.

That's right, we're lucky enough now to be able to ask out whichever guy catches or eye but back then, a woman wouldn't dream of it. Let's take a moment of silence for a time when men had to make the move and we women were free only to be mysterious but flirty.


Watch Sports

Watch Sports Photo Credit: Think Courageously

The only sport that was appropriate to be watched by women was prize fighting (which was basically boxing), baseball and football. Women weren't supposed to be interested in the sports; it was just an outing for a woman and her husband or boyfriend. Unless your boyfriend or husband played a sport you didn't really go to many games, since it was something for the enjoyment of men.


Play Sports

Play Sports Photo Credit: Ingy The Wingy

Playing sports? Unheard of. Very few women played sports such as football, baseball, or basketball. It was your job to root for your husband or boyfriend while they played, it was your job to look pretty. The only sport it seems that woman were encouraged to play was tennis. But only in pairs and only if you were playing with your significant other.


Support Her Family

Support Her Family Photo Credit: U.S. Department of State

That's right, women weren't supposed to be the primary bread-winners in the household. They were supposed to stay home and clean, cook dinner, and raise the children. If a woman did have to work it was very clear that her income could not exceed her husband's, as that would take away some of his dignity in his ability to care for his family.


Buy a Car

Buy a Car Photo Credit: Ronald_H

In 1948 women were not supposed to purchase a car without their husband by their sides. They were not supposed to pick out a car themselves and they were not supposed to get their hands dirty dealing with a car salesman. Now, we make informed decisions and buy cars and other large ticket items all the time!

Well ladies, hopefully this list has made you appreciate how far we've come in our ability to do things. Take advantage of our new-found modern girl abilities and go ask a boy out at a football game! Any other things that a modern girl should know how to do? Let me know down below!

Top Photo Credit: Vakhrushev Pavel

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We can wear shorts and hotpants, dresses that come above the knee, we can choose to live our life without a man or we can choose to live life with a man and witjout marrying him! We can even choose to live with and openly love a woman if we want.

i think defend herself could be on the list to... most of the girls i know including me can kick someones ass in case of ass kicking needed

Thank GOD we are not only happy cricket in the kitchen now. Not even permitted to change the bulb! What a dark condition.

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