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By Meream

1 Movie Night with the Girl Friends

Cultivating a lasting friendship means indulging in chick-flicks once in a while. Or every weekend if chick-flicks are things that you and your girl friends simply love. Here are 5 that you need to put on your movie night list.

2 Accepting Who You Are

Us girls are always plagued with wanting to be slimmer. This post may be short but it will drive its point home. "Realize that your flaws can be turned around into amazing qualities that exude self-confidence. Be yourself, and love every minute of it." LOVE IT!

3 Coloring Your Hair at Home

Okay, this post may sound contradictory to the previous post but girls can color their hair for reasons other than escaping their true selves. It can be quite fun to do! Here are 5 great tips to help you if you're dyeing at home.


7 Gorgeous Celebrities with the Best Hair ...

How Often Should You Shower Science Has the Answers ...

4 Are You an "Idiette?"

I think this is a post that anyone (even boys!) should read. Some people may find it harsh but it's darn funny. And it makes perfect sense!

5 Guilty Pleasures

Us girls have a few guilty pleasures that we turn to when things become too overwhelming to handle. Sexy politicians? Pop music? What are yours?

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