8 Fashion Fundamentals for Short Girls ...

I have a confession to make. I’m short. I like to tell people I’m 5’4” -- and a half -- but that’s not true unless I’m wearing heels or platforms. I’m probably 5’3” and change if I’m being completely honest, so I know firsthand how many clothes out there can make me appear shorter. I don’t necessarily want to look supermodel tall, but I do like to make sure I flatter myself rather than accentuating my height -- and here are some tips that help me to do so!

1. Dress in Monochrome

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Price: $12.50 at forever21.comDressing in one color can help create the illusion of length. Many tips and experts will say that you shouldn’t include any other colors at all, but I find that one accent color makes a splash. It could be your belt, your shoes, your hair accessories, or just some bright lipstick. Dark shades also make you look slimmer, so that’s a plus as well.

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