8 Fashion Fundamentals for Short Girls ...

By Lyndsie

I have a confession to make. I’m short. I like to tell people I’m 5’4” -- and a half -- but that’s not true unless I’m wearing heels or platforms. I’m probably 5’3” and change if I’m being completely honest, so I know firsthand how many clothes out there can make me appear shorter. I don’t necessarily want to look supermodel tall, but I do like to make sure I flatter myself rather than accentuating my height -- and here are some tips that help me to do so!

1 Dress in Monochrome

Dress in Monochrome **

Price: $12.50 at forever21.comDressing in one color can help create the illusion of length. Many tips and experts will say that you shouldn’t include any other colors at all, but I find that one accent color makes a splash. It could be your belt, your shoes, your hair accessories, or just some bright lipstick. Dark shades also make you look slimmer, so that’s a plus as well.

2 Go for V-Necks

Go for V-Necks Price: $64.99 at modcloth.com
Wearing v-necked shirts and generally v-shaped clothing is helpful as well. Necklines featuring a U shape are a good match too. The angles create the appearance of a long length, and they are quite flattering. Just don’t get too crazy with the cleavage, unless it’s the right time and place, of course.

3 Don’t Fight the Fit

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Making sure that your clothes fit well is essential when you’re a petite girl. Try to stay away from anything bulky, because that will tend to make you look shorter. Worse, it can even make your arms, legs, and torso look stumpy. For a two-for tip, bulky clothes are also a bad buy for fuller figured girls. When your clothes fit well, they accentuate your best features. You don’t have to go skin tight, but you don’t want to wear virtual tents, either.

4 Hooray for High Heels

Hooray for High Heels Price: $54.99 at modcloth.com
This is a hard one for me to follow, because I’m like a lethal weapon in heels. Not because I look fantastic, but because I’m prone to falling and taking everyone around down with me. Still, it goes without saying that high heels make you look taller. They make you look taller, period. If you’re like me, though, then thicker heels and a platform can help you out with stability.

5 The Right Stripes

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Horizontal stripes not only make you wider, they can make you appear shorter as well. Vertical stripes are a much better bet. For that matter, any clothing with vertical seams are a good idea, you don’t even have to go with stripes if you don’t want to wear them.

6 Longer Skirts

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When you have short legs, it might seem like making a mini skirt will make them look longer, but that is not the case. On the contrary, this too can make your legs look stumpy and large, even if they are slim. You can wear skirts, however, just make sure they are the proper length, such as just above or below the knee. You can still show off your legs by all means, you just don’t want the hem of your skirt to fall to the largest part of your thighs and draw attention there.

7 The Perfect Pants

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Pants are a big deal for short girls. If they’re too baggy, you look shorter. Too tight, and it’s just a disaster. Plus, the general rule is that wide legged pants, bell bottoms, or jeans with too much of a flair can make your legs look short as well. I still like a tasteful boot cut flare, but typically, expert fashionistas recommend straight legged pants. You should also stay away from cuffs and pleats.

8 Be Careful of Belts

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I rarely wear belts, but sometimes it’s necessary. It’s better to wear a slender belt than a wide one. It should also be complementary to your outfit. If the color contrasts too much, it draws attention and breaks up the continuity of your outfit. Wider belts make your waist and torso look shorter.

It’s really not that I want to appear tall. I like being hobbit sized just fine. But I do want to make sure I make my height look as good as possible. Does anyone else have any tips?

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