7 Ways to Be Super Girl ...


Who hasn’t dreamed of being a super-hero? I know I have! I wanted to be able to do everything, although flying didn’t really interest me… then I realized most of the stuff super heroes can do, we can all do! Here are 7 ways to be Super Girl…

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Learn to do Basic Vehicle Maintenance

Learn to do Basic Vehicle Maintenance Super power: Rescue a damsel in distress
Photo Credit: Éole

One thing I always loved about super heroes is that they can fix just about anything, sometimes with heat vision, but most often, just by knowing how. Be Super Girl by knowing how to change a flat or jump-start a car, so when a friend is stranded and can’t help herself, you can come to her rescue!


Learn to Read Body Language

Learn to Read Body Language Super power: read minds/know when people are lying
Photo Credit: Ecko Zanzibar

Super heroes always seem to know who’s telling the truth, and who is lying. Doesn’t that sound like a helpful skill to have in real life? You can, too, if you learn how to read body language… or I suppose you could carry a polygraph machine around…


Learn First Aid

Learn First Aid Super power: save someone’s life!
Photo Credit: osuthorpe

Is there any better super power than knowing how to save someone’s life? And this is, amazingly, something you can learn in as little as 6 weeks with a Red Cross class at a community center near you.


Learn a New Language

Learn a New Language Super power: communicate fluently no matter where you travel
Photo Credit: rachel_titiriga

I also love that super heroes can somehow communicate with anyone they meet, no matter where they are or what language they speak. Since most Romance languages (like French, Italian, and Spanish) are so closely related, if you learn one, chances are, you’ll be at least somewhat fluent in all three. Impressive!


Learn to Fly a Plane

Learn to Fly a Plane Super power: stop a plane from crashing after the pilot faints
Photo Credit: Ben Furland

How many times has a hero in a movie had to take over flying a plane when the pilot has fainted or somehow been injured by terrorists? This is another super power you can learn — how to fly a plane. Getting your pilot’s license is a little expensive and time-consuming, but if you’re on a mission to become a super hero, chances are, you’re a wealthy orphan whose parents died in a bizarre accident, so you can afford it!


Learn Karate or Aikido

Learn Karate or Aikido Super power: stop an attack on you or a friend
Photo Credit: Dave Gruentzel Photography

All super heroes can totally kick ass. They somehow seem to know how to whoop anyone. Well, you can, too! A few karate, or better yet, aikido classes, and you can ward off any drunken frat boy or would-be unarmed robber. Hi-yah!


Learn to Drive a Stick

Learn to Drive a Stick Super power: knowing how to drive a stick!
Photo Credit: Mi Pah

Ever notice how spies and super heroes can drive any car they encounter, with or without keys, and regardless of whether it’s a stick-shift or an automatic? Lucky dogs. No matter how patient my teacher, and no matter how much time I spend at it, I can’t learn to drive a stick. But maybe you can, and you really should!

Those are the 7 super powers you can learn, if you haven’t already! Aren’t you excited? Now all you have to do is choose a super hero name, and you’re ready to rescue everyone! Which of these can you do? Or do you have another super power? Please let me know how you’re Super Girl!

Top Photo Credit: lutman123

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