8 Reasons to Keep Reading AllWomenStalk.Com ...


8 Reasons to Keep Reading AllWomenStalk.Com ...
8 Reasons to Keep Reading AllWomenStalk.Com ...

I can think of 100 reasons to keep reading AllWomenStalk.com. First, I want to say, no, Olga, I am not trying to suck up. I like your blog and feel that I need to tell people some reasons why they should keep reading allwomenstalk.com. Actually, they shouldn’t just be reading, they should be commenting! In the end, for each one of you that reads this blog, I want you to comment (It doesn’t take long) and tell me why you like reading these blogs so much …

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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Advice Photo Credit: ♡ J a c k y

We love giving advice on here. Our blogs are packed full of advice. Some of it is useful to you and if it isn’t, then it is useful for the next person who reads it.


The Girls Are Talking from Experience

The Girls Are Talking from Experience Photo Credit: ♡ J a c k y

Many of the girls, if not all of them are telling you things from experience. When I write blogs on here, I like to write about things that come from my experience. Most of us pick our own topics, so we can pick what we have experience with. I never lie about anything, everything I tell you about myself on here is real. Many of the other girls do the same.


It’s Unique

It’s Unique Photo Credit: momoyama

The tips you find on here come from our own minds. We do not research it and then copy that, we tell you things from our perspective. If we know remedies, while you may be able to find them somewhere else, we will tell you about them.


You Won’t Be Judged

You Won’t Be Judged Photo Credit: PhotosEcosse / photosecosse.com

When it comes to Allwomenstalk.com, you are not going to be judged. If you have a problem in your relationship, you can anonymously tell us and we will help you with it.


It is Categorized

It is Categorized Photo Credit: r e n a t a

Even though I write for the site, I also like to read it. I like reading comments to my blogs (sometimes, you guys are mean!lol). I think the blog s well laid out and easy to browse.


New Ideas

New Ideas Photo Credit: Cuba Gallery - Now on Twitter!

When you read our blogs, you are going to find new ideas. Whether it is on relationships, recipes, sex or whatever, you will gain new ideas. We also like to post stuff about gardening and redesigning homes. You never know what you are going to come across.


We Write the Blogs Just for You

We keep this site up for people like you. We know that many out there need guidance and we like to help people. Teenage girls need advice and we love to give it to them. Sometimes, it is not what they like to hear and sometimes it is what they need to hear and do not realize it.


It’s a Friendly Environment

It’s a Friendly Environment Photo Credit: r e n a t a

There are a couple of rough comments of people being mean, but mostly, we get a lot of nice people who comment on our stuff. Thank you to all who put comments on my blogs. I like the friendly environment that you create on this blog.

Those are 8 reasons to keep reading allwomenstalk.com. This is a place by women for women, it’s not really a place for your little girl as there are some topics on sex. However, maybe one day, we will have an all kids talk. Plus, you shouldn’t let your children run free online, you should always watch what they are reading. So, start posting and tell me why you like reading this blog site so much!

Top Photo Credit: r e n a t a

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@lisa lol! she does! reminds me of the back of some water i had the other day that said "better when chill... as indeed we all are"

i read this site on a daily basis too :) so much information that appeals to me!

I am addicted (check the no. of my comments if you have doubt) so this is my daily routine and requires no reason.

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