7 in-the-Know Books Every Woman Should Read ...


7 in-the-Know Books Every Woman Should Read ...
7 in-the-Know Books Every Woman Should Read ...

I love reading, any kind of books. But my favorite books are self-help books, or true stories. I can always be encouraged by reading about other people's successes or trials, and with self-help books, I can improve my own lifestyle and change habits. Many different books I?ve read have helped me, but there are a few that have stuck with me more than others. Here are 7 in-the-know books that every woman should get her hands on!

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How to Get Your Husband to Talk to You

How to Get Your Husband to Talk to You Price: $11.19 at amazon.com
This book by Nancy Cobb and Connie Grigsby is just the sort of linguistics education every woman needs to learn in order to communicate effectively with her husband. It brings to light the principles you can employ to be a better wife and get your husband to open up to you. I?m not married yet, but I soon will be. And I found this book to be a great encouragement to me in my endeavors of learning how to be a great wife! I?m sure you will too.


Taking Charge of Your Fertility

Taking Charge of Your Fertility Price: $15.67 at amazon.com
Weschler wrote this book in an effort to help women achieve or avoid pregnancy in a completely natural way, and to teach them more about their monthly cycles and their own bodies. I must say she succeeded! I have been using her charting methods for years now and it gives you an incredible insight to how your body works and why it works that way. This is one book every woman needs to read!


The Total Woman

The Total Woman Price: from $2.53 at amazon.com
The Total Woman sold more than ten million copies and was the bestselling nonfiction book of 1974. Marabel Morgan wrote this book with one simple thought in mind: Reaching out to your husband and meeting his needs specifically. Once you can become the woman your husband needs, and once he gets what he needs out of your marriage together you will become truly beautiful to him! That thought alone is worth the time it would take invested in reading this book.


Hannah?s Art of Home

Hannah?s Art of Home Price: from less than $1.00 at amazon.com
Keeley wants to help woman identify their personality types so that they can organize and decorate a home that nurtures their spirit and their family?s as well. Her book is jam-packed with ideas, tips and fun facts on ways to keep your home lovely, clean and in order according to your personality type! Don?t pass this book by; it will be a real treat!


Raising Maidens of Virtue

Raising Maidens of Virtue Price: from $17.98 at amazon.com
In Raising Maidens Of Virtue, Stacy McDonald shares her vision of returning to the times of the past when girls and young women practiced purity and honor. I recommend that you read this book with your daughter and go through it together, it will be an experience that may bring you closer together and give you some insight into your daughters' way of thinking. The author strives to point out how we should raise our daughters and the examples we should set for them, and in my opinion she does a fantastic job!



Callanetics Price: from less than $1.00 at amazon.com
Pinckney started an exercise revolution in the 1980?s with her introduction of The Callanetics Exercise Method. I haveused her method for the past five years daily and I wouldn?t trade my exercise routine for another! I love how toned her moves make my body, and how relaxing and easy and quick they are. When you first begin, you will be sore, very sore, but I encourage you to stick with it and you will be glad you did!


1001 Ways to Be Romantic

1001 Ways to Be Romantic Price: $14.49 at amazon.com
J.P. Godek has a national bestseller with this book! His book is crammed full of wonderful, crazy, sweet and exciting ideas and resources for spicing up your love life. He is the best of the best when it comes to romance and I guarantee your benefits from this book will be worth every minute you spend reading it or every penny you spend buying it! So what are you waiting for? Go get it and read it now!

I have so many other books I would love to share with you but I don?t want to bore you? besides wouldn?t you much rather read the book than read about it? I thought so! I certainly would too! Are you ready to dive into one of my must read, in-the-know books now?

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If I'm honest, I'm a little bit disappointed with this article. I don't see why every woman should read books on how to meet their husbands' needs. What about their own needs? What about careers and their own lifestyle. This, in my opinion of course, is more a list of how to be a good housewife.

VERY interesting list! Combing thru Amazon now...thank you! : )

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