7 Women's Heath Issues You Should Know about ...


7 Women's Heath Issues You Should Know about ...
7 Women's Heath Issues You Should Know about ...

As a responsible woman, there are a few women’s health issues that you should be familiar with so that you can take adequate precautions and preventive measures before it’s too late. Some of these conditions only affect women but others can affect men as well so it’s a good idea to read up on them so that you can care not only for yourself but also your family.

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Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the better-known women’s health issues. It is an extremely treatable form of the cancer if caught early. It is important that you know some of the early symptoms of breast cancer so that you can take appropriate steps immediately. Performing an annual mammogram and routinely checking your breasts for lumps are essential if you are over 30.


Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infections affect more and more women every day making it one of the important women’s health issues you should be familiar with. If you find yourself under tremendous pain when passing urine or notice some blood in your urine, its time to talk to your doctor and get yourself treated immediately.


Ovarian Cysts

A number of women find themselves having ovarian cysts during their reproductive years. It consists of small growths almost like blisters forming on the ovaries, located on either side of the uterus. Some conditions can be ignored as they disappear without requiring any treatment. Others need care so it is best you go for regular checkups and follow your doctor’s recommendations.


Heart Disease

27% of all women die of heart disease every year making it the most significant women’s health issue today. Heart attacks are no longer confined to men. It is estimated that if a woman has a heart attack under the age of 50, she is twice as likely to die as compared to a man facing the same predicament. It is important to understand how you can prevent heart disease and care for your body.



While it is rare to die of diabetes, it is nevertheless a cumbersome and inconvenient condition to be faced with. What puts it on this list of top women’s health issues is its relatively easy contractibility as well as preventability. Healthy eating and regular exercise can significantly lower your risk of getting diabetes so start today to avoid feeling sorry tomorrow.



Every couple of years a new virus hits the scene and every one of us are at risk. Most recently it was the H1N1 virus that raged across the world. It is important to take adequate hygiene precautions at all times and particularly when you are pregnant, a time when you are more susceptible to such diseases.


Uterine Bleeding and Other Issues

It is important to research what is considered abnormal uterine bleeding and the conditions that it is symptomatic of. You could be suffering from something serious that can escalate very quickly if you do not pay attention to the signs your body is providing you.

To a large extent your lifestyle will determine your health right now and in the future. At the same time, a lot depends on chance, a factor you have no control over. The best thing you can do is familiarize yourself with some of the major women’s health issues and take whatever preventive steps you can.

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Recurring yeast infections is another one that should be on your list.

Luckily for me, if I ever catch a health issue that means I have to remove my uterus or something, it won't be a big deal at all because I don't want kids.

Anaemia should be on the list. Asian and African women are more affected by this.

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