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6 Health Issues Women May Not Be Aware of ...


Men and women need to keep fit and healthy because numerous benefits can be associated with a strong body such as the low risk of getting sick.

However, certain diseases are more apparent in women, and below are some of the health issues that they may not be aware of.

1 Heart Attack

Heart attack symptoms may differ between men and women, which can be the reason why women may be caught unaware of this ailment. Heart attack symptoms may include chest pains, shortness of breath, as well as weakness in limbs and arms. Women often dismiss these symptoms as simply heartburn, or a result of working out too hard.

2 Stress

Another health issue that women may generally not be aware of is the stress that may be caused by the mental load that they are faced with in their household responsibilities, as well as in their careers. Nevertheless, a spa retreat may help you relieve stress. Through this, you can rejuvenate and free your mind from your mental load. But you don’t need to go on retreat to relieve stress, there are little things you can do to lift the mental load in daily life. For instance, if you’ve got many to do lists, simplify them into one to bring focus. Also, if you’re not exercising, that’s an easy stress-reduction win. A top tip there is to check your health insurance as some have lifestyle program benefits such as gym memberships as you can see here.


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3 Physical Issues Because of Body Shaming

Women suffer from various physical issues but what they are probably not aware of is that this can be caused by body shaming or the high standards unconsciously imposed by society. A woman might go through an unnecessary diet to lose weight even if she doesn’t need to, just because she feels like not being thin enough. This can lead to health complications later on.

4 Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

Numerous women, particularly the younger ones, don’t know how to protect themselves against HIV, much more so determine the symptoms and seek treatment as necessary. For these reasons, it can be deemed that not many women are not aware of this virus that attacks the immune system. Once they acquire the virus, they may put it off as simple flu, fever, or a common ailment that can be treated by over the counter medications.

5 Noncommunicable Diseases

Being sick because of the result of too much alcohol intake or incessant smoking can be considered as a communicable disease. This is another health issue that most women think that only men can acquire. Hence, they usually fail to acknowledge that these bad habits are causing poor health.

6 Osteoporosis

This disease attacks your bones, causing them to weaken and be prone to fractures. This is more apparent in women rather than men because one risk factor that can affect it is early menopause. However, this ailment is not immediately recognized by women since it only usually becomes apparent in the later years of life.

The health issues listed above are only some of the diseases that women face throughout their lives. While there may be several others more, the important thing is to be mindful of your habits to ensure the preservation of your health.

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