9 Common Men's Health Problems to Look out for ...


9 Common Men's Health Problems to Look out for ...
9 Common Men's Health Problems to Look out for ...

Men can be a complicated species...They are all so unique that no user guide has ever been written! They do tend to have one thing in common, though, and that’s a hatred for doctors and hospitals. My boyfriend will do anything to avoid going! I do worry about his health, though, so I’ve been looking at which health problems are common in men, and how to spot them. Here are my results...

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Prostate Problems

Prostate Problems Photo Credit: ChrisDigital™

The prostate is a gland underneath the bladder, which features in the production of semen. The biggest indication of something being wrong with the prostate is having trouble urinating. In men over 50, this can be caused by the prostate swelling, and pushing against the uretha. It can also be caused by prostate cancer, though, so it’s worth keeping an eye on. If he starts to feel a sudden urge to urinate, has trouble urinating or his urine contains blood, its worth asking the doctor for a PSA test, which checks for abnormalities in the blood and can detect prostate cancer. If worst comes to worst, remember that prostate cancer has a very high survival rate, with over two thirds of sufferers living well into old age.


Depression and Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety Photo Credit: Pink Sherbet Photography

While more and more people are diagnosed with depression each year, the vast majority are women. This isn’t because women are more prone to depression, though, but simply because men struggle to ask for help. Nearly 70% of all suicides are committed by men. If you notice that he is losing interest in his hobbies, has insomnia, is lethargic, feels anxious and has trouble concentrating, then it’s time to get him to a doctor, who will be able to offer treatments. You could also try giving him St Johns Wort, after carefully reading the instructions, and buying a book on breathing and relaxation exercises to try together.


Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular Disease Photo Credit: {natalie mitchell}

Cardivascular disease is three times more common in men than woman, and the at-risk period starts at 45, rather than 55 like women. If he has high cholesterol, high blood pressure, an unhealthy lifestyle or a waistband over 37 inches, keep a close eye on his heart health, and send him for regular check ups. Leading a healthier lifestyle will also reduce his risk, so try to encourage him to exercise, and cut down on calories in his meals.


Testicular Cancer

Testicular Cancer Photo Credit: * Honest *

His testicles are where he produces testosterone, and testicular cancer is the most common cancer between 20 and 35 years old. It can occur in anyone between 18 and 45, though, and has a 95% survival rate! The most obvious symptom is a lump on the testicles, which could be painless. Only 4% of lumps found are cancerous, though, so don’t worry immediately! Other symptoms are a heaviness or uncomfortable feeling, an aching abdomen and increased tiredness. Encourage him to check himself regularly, and see a GP immediately if there is any cause for concern.



Baldness Photo Credit: Only Tradition

Going bald is very common...six and a half million men are bald in Britain alone! It can start at any point from the early teens to the late 60’s, and is caused by hair follicles with an increased sensitivity to hormones. If he’s going bald, try to gauge his reaction. If he seems upset, tactfully send him to his GP, who will be able to suggest a number of different treatments which can slow hair loss. There isn’t a cure yet, though, so get him to go before he loses it all!



Infertility Photo Credit: The Portrait Place {alecia}

If this is happening to you, it can be very upsetting, so remember to be tactful when you are talking to him! Around one third of infertility is due to a problem with the male, and usually they are curable. Possible issues include enlarged veins in the scrotum, which can prevent sperm production, a blockage in the system, a side effect to medication, a low sperm count, or a genetic problem. If you are having trouble conceiving, it’s worth going to see your doctor. There are some ways to lessen the chances of him becoming infertile, such as encouraging a healthy lifestyle without excessive alcohol and banning tight underwear. Over half of all cases can be solved, so don’t give up hope.


Alcohol Problems

Alcohol Problems Photo Credit: nickwheeleroz

Alcohol is a big part of modern life, but too much does have health consequences. If he drinks over 21 units a week, and 3 – 4 units a day, he could be in danger of suffering from alchol-related health issues. These include aggression, impotence, vomiting, losing consciousness, addiction, heart disease, liver damage, mouth cancer, brain damage, fertility problems and many more...if he’s drinking too much regularly, talk to him when he is sober, and explain about units and health issues. Remind him to drink soft drinks and water, too, and that he isn’t obligated to drink while out.


Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer Photo Credit: Yes Becky

Men’s magazines don’t tend to focus on skin health and sun care like women’s do, so he might need some guidance. Show him that he should be wearing at least a factor 15 – 30 suncream every day, even in the UK, and encourage him to cover up in the middle of the day. Moles are a key symptom in diagnosing skin cancer, so keep an eye on his. If they become itchy, discolour, or change in size or shape, get him checked out.



It’s not just cute dogs that are prone to snoring, men are too! Around 41% of men snore, which can mean plenty of sleepless nights for you. The reason for this is thought to be that men store fat around their necks, which vibrates as they breathe in their sleep. The solution? Get rid of that fat! Help him lose weight, and use Snorban or similar to keep the problem under control for now.

I feel much more informed with this information! I’ll be keeping my eye on his health, and making sure he’s covered in sunscreen now that the Sun is finally coming out...after all, he’s pretty amazing most of the time! Do you know of a health condition men are prone too, and what to look out for? Please share it with us!

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