5 Major Health Issues You Should Be Aware of ...


5 Major Health Issues You Should Be Aware of ...
5 Major Health Issues You Should Be Aware of ...

A recent survey shows that young women are the healthiest group of people, on the whole. You’d be surprised to know how many regularly put their health at risk though, through working too hard or lazy sex habits. Scientists have predicted that these habits will cause a rise in the number of major health problems faced by young women, if they don’t begin to respect their bodies more. Want to see how nice you are being to yours? Here are the major health issues you should be aware of…

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Stress is a very serious issue if you suffer from it too frequently. From busy careers to frantic and never-ending social lives, young women are constantly living in chaos, and many don’t realize that this isn’t right. The symptoms? Extreme anxiety, fatigue and insomnia, which can all heavily impact on your life. So whatever you are stressing about, give yourself some scheduled time to rewind your batteries and just be. Your body deserves it!


Eating Problems

4% of young women suffer from an eating problem, from anorexic to bulimia. However there are other, less known, issues too. Erratic eating, slashing calories by cutting out food groups and unrealistic daily calorie limits are big problems, that are horribly common. Is it just wanting to be slim that fires this obsession? Psychologists think not, stating that women need control, and fitting into that certain outfit brings some control and perfection. Take a few moments to think about your own eating habits, and what you could do to love your body a bit more.



I remember when STDs were treated like the plague, and anyone with one was regarded as slightly unclean… an unfair outlook, in most cases, but scarily, cases of STDs are on the rise. One in four young women has an STD, and many carry on sleeping with men as they recover, passing the illness around. The scariest fact? Herpes is on the rise, and once you’ve got it, it doesn’t go away. If you think its embarrassing carrying a condom, try googling herpes, and imagining how you’d explain that…



An increasing number of women are taking oral contreceptives now, which is an excellent way to prevent unwanted pregnancies. It only works if it's taken regularly, though, and a surprising number of women admit to forgetting a lot, with 40% admitting that they take it only when they think they will have sex. If you are forgetful, the pill probably isn’t the best method of contraception for you, and you should consider something like the implant instead which doesn’t require any maintenance, and if you are worried about side effects such as spotting or weight gain, talk to your doctor who can recommend alternatives.



A huge 20% of females can expect to suffer from depression, but many won’t seek help to deal with it. Simple things such as worrying about your job or relationship can send you spiraling into a pessimistic spiral, which can fast lead to depression. You should get help a long time before you can’t see the point of life… a mixture of anti depressants or counseling is usually enough to cure the problem and keep you enjoying life without too much trouble, so go see your GP as soon as you can.

These conditions may sound common, but they aren’t ones you should overlook. Neglecting your body and its needs can lead to much more serious consequences… a friend of mine hid her depression for so long that no one found out until she spent a month in a psychiatric ward. Had we, or her doctor, known, we could have helped before things got so bad… don’t let anything bad happen to you, and make sure you treat your body right. Then have a glass of wine… you deserve it! Have you spotted a major health problem women should look out for? Please let me know!

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