10 Things about Lap Band Surgery You Must Know ...


Before you decide if you want to have lap band surgery, I understand that you would like to look into all of the facts. Sure, your chances of losing weight will be higher, but despite the positive impact it can have on your emotional well-being, there are some concerns and risks. Below, I would like to give you a list of 10 things about lap band surgery you must know…

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Studies have shown that individuals who have went through this surgery have went forward to earn more money and advance in their careers. I believe it is because they look good and feel great about themselves, so they can perform better at work.

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Lap band surgery is best for those individuals that are suffering from health problems that are caused by being morbidly obese.


After patients go through lap band surgery, it has been proven that around eighty percent of the patients with hypertension no longer have a need to take their medication.

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Over ninety percent of the individuals that are suffering from medical problems that are caused by their weight, including type II non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus no longer have a need to take their medications.


Individuals that have this procedure done who previously suffered from joint pain, asthma, fatigue, arthritis, sleep apnea and shortness of breath see improvement in their health.

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Lap band surgery is relatively safe as there is a low risk of having serious complications.


With the lap band procedure, there will be no stomach cutting, which is definitely an upside to it all.

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There will be no need to have your stomach stapled after you are done with the procedure.


With this procedure, there will be no altering the digestive anatomy. Everything will still be fully functional.

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I think many patients like the fact how lap band surgery can easily be adjusted to the patient’s needs.

To be a candidate of lap band surgery, you will need to be morbidly obese for over five years and have a Body Mass Index of 40 or more. You will need to be at least one hundred pounds over the ideal weight. You must also be able to show documentation of your previous weight loss attempts. Most individuals that are candidates for the Lap Band procedure are likely to have medical complications that will be cured after they lose weight. Have you been through Lap Band surgery? Are you thinking about it? What are your opinions on this form of surgery?

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